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There are a lot of ways to leave a positive impression on somebody.

Meaning you interact with them, the interaction ends, and you go your separate ways.

The more you can leave a positive impression, the more they'll think about you.

The more they think about you while they are away from you, the BETTER they'll tend to think about you.

If you are a salesperson, and you leave a positive impression on them, as they are shopping around, they'll compare all other salespeople to YOU.

The BETTER of an impression you leave, the BETTER you'll look in comparison.

And the more likely they'll EAGERLY come back to you.

At first, this may seem difficult.

After all, it's you against all the other guys, right?

But most people, including salespeople, are pretty clueless about leaving a positive impression.

Leaving a positive impression PRESUPPOSES they will leave, and then come back.

For most salespeople, this is TERRIFYING.

But for an enlightened salesperson, this is FANTASTIC.

A BEST CASE scenario.

Because, as it turns out, leaving a positive impression on people is pretty easy.

And, for salespeople, it's much more profitable.

The MORE people come to you, and then go shop around, so long as they have a positive impression of YOU in their mind, the more they'll come back.

This will not only create a nice, relaxing, enjoyable conversation with every customer who walks into your shop.

But it will also create a FLOOD of customers coming BACK because all the other goofs were trying all kinds of short term "game."

Even better is if you use this technique socially.

Particularly if you are intending to create a romantic relationship.

Or MANY romantic relationships.

The same structure will happen.

First conversation is EASY and relaxed.

You are insanely confident BECAUSE you know that the competition doesn't stand a chance.

So after they have a nice, relaxing, FIRST conversation with you, they'll talk to the "competition."

And all the competition will seem WEAK compared to you.

All the competition will seem DESPERATE compared to you.

All the competition will seem shallow and hopeless compared to you.

Which will cause a secondary FLOOD of people thinking of you.

And what happens when people think about you, when they are away from you?

They tend to fall in love, that's what.

So, the money question.

How, specifically, do you CREATE this lasting impressions?

First, you STOP trying to impress them with anything that has to do with YOU.

You ask them questions that will resonate in their mind.

That will make them dig deep to find out the BEST THINGS about themselves.

Questions they'll be thinking about for DAYS.

Questions that will make YOU look better and better.

Especially compared to all the desperate slobbering goofs wandering the Earth.

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