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The Thai Waitress Algorithm


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A long time ago I used to go to this Thai restaurant.

They had a pretty good chicken dish, don't forget the specifics.

Very spicy.

I would always go there in the early afternoon.

I liked to read the business paper while enjoying a leisurely lunch.

Study all the stock and commodity charts.

After the lunch crowd had thinned out.

This was back when I was learning about a lot of covert hypnosis and NLP patterns.

Now, a lot of "techniques" involve using patterns, etc. on waitresses.

This isn't one of those stories.

While these waitresses were cute, (they were all young females), I wasn't trying to game them.

Only have friendly conversations.

Two were married, one was a single mom.

But they ALL loved talking to me.

Whenever they weren't busy, they would sit at my table and talk to me while I ate.

I would ask them questions that nobody had ever asked them before.

Questions that would force them to accept positive presuppositions about themselves before answering.

But in a very powerful, very subconscious way.

It was very friendly, very enjoyable.

This is what most people don't "get" about seduction and persuasion.

When you tie the idea of seduction and persuasion to your ego, this means you feel you need to TELL people things.

Seducers want to run game, use patterns, and MAKE the other person feel a certain way.

Salespeople spit endless features and benefits and hopefully MAKE the other person want to buy.

But if you turn off your ego, and ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS, the other person will light up.

The right questions that induce them to think about their best selves in the answers.

The right questions that induce them to think about their best outcomes in the answers.

The right questions that induce them to contemplate their ideal futures in the answers.

What kind of experience does this give them?

In order to answer these questions, they have to look inside themselves.

They have to FIND the best parts of themselves.

Parts they may NEVER have even considered before.

Because they must do this to answer YOUR questions, this gives them a wonderful experience about YOU.

That YOU somehow notice things about them that nobody, not even themselves, have noticed before.

Even better, you PRESUPPOSED those fantastic things about them.

It's one thing to try and give somebody a unique compliment.

It's quite another to ask questions that send them searching inside their own minds to find the BEST possible ideas about themselves.

Do this, and they'll never forget you.

Learn How:


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