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Structure is everywhere.

Joseph Campbell found that most myths from around the world have the same structure.

One he called the "monomyth."

Commonly called the "hero's journey."

Same basic structure, over and over.

Similarly, most popular music has the same basic chord progressions.

Once you tune your mind to hear these common chord progressions, you'll see them everywhere.

Structure is something that we need to choose to see.

It's not something we normally see.

Even if you've studied music or mythology your entire life, it's very EASY to "forget" momentarily about structure and focus on content.

The melody and the words.

The characters and their unique battles of good vs. evil.

On the flip side, if you are a pop music writer or a Hollywood screen writer, you can essentially write the SAME THING over and over and over.

Different melodies and lyrics on top of the same chord progression.

Different characters and battles on top of the same hero's journey.

Thought also has similar structure.

This can give you huge advantage.


Once you learn the basic structure of thought, you can talk about the same things and over.

Sure, the people you are talking to will think you are talking about different things.

Just like most people hear all the songs as being different.

Or all the movies as having different characters and stories.

But from a structural level, you will see them as being very similar.

One of  Joseph Campbell's books was called, "The Hero With 1000 Faces."

This was because every hero is essentially the SAME CHARACTER.

Dorothy, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Peter Parker, Neo, all go through the same character arc.

Which means if you can understand the STRUCTURE of human thought, you'll have a massive advantage.

The structure of thought is the same as the structure of language.

From your perspective, you are having the SAME conversations over and over.

From their perspective, you are one of the most profound conversationalists they've ever met.

Or the most compelling salesperson they've ever met.

Or the most romantic seducer they've ever met.

Or the most engaging storyteller they've ever met.

This will make it very easy for you to never worry about what to say.

Never worry about what to ask.

And just like movies and music, once you KNOW the structure, it's easy to flip to either side.

Structurally, from a building side.

Content based, from an enjoyment side.

See the structure beneath words, and lead every conversation, and every emotion exactly where you want them to be.

Learn How:


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