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They'll Put You In Their Fantasies


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A useful angle when selling anything is something called a "USP."

Or, "unique selling proposition."

This only needs to be presented as unique.

Meaning even all the competition has the SAME feature, if nobody else is leveraging it, this is an option.

So long as it SOUNDS unique, the customers will ASSUME that your product is the ONLY one with this feature.

This is a copywriting way to leverage the "first to market" idea.

You can be first to market with an actual product.

Or you can be first to market with something that everybody else has, but nobody has thought to leverage.

The underlying idea is EVERYTHING is a competition.

If you show up at a party, and you tell a bunch of jokes that EVERYBODY has already heard, you'll be perceived a certain way.

If you are the FIRST person to tell those same jokes, you'll be perceived a much DIFFERENT way.

This is a tough thing to think about for most humans.

Few people openly embrace the idea of competition.

Most of us are happy to stay safely in the  middle of the pack, and be told what to do.

If you WANT an average life, that's fine.

But if you want more, you've got to do more.

There are PLENTY of ways to do more.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately, as we'll see in a minute) there are TONS of false beliefs that physical appearances are the MOST important thing.

Think of it this way.

If EVERYBODY has average thinking skill, communication skills, social skills, then EVERYBODY is going to need something else to compare people.

That ends up being looks.

Halo effect.

This is why pretty people have it much easier than us normal looking people.

But that's ONLY if everybody's got the SAME basic, non-physical skills.

Now for the good part.

Building up social skills is VERY EASY.

Especially when you do it differently than everybody else.

Most people who ATTEMPT to differentiate themselves socially use the same basic strategies.

An "outside in" approach.

Of TELLING people ideas about themselves.

It's much, much easier the other way.

Much, much more powerful the other way.

Especially when you GO META.

Not only are you asking, rather than telling, but you are asking things that NOBODY has ever been asked before.

Meta questions about thinking skills.

Meta questions about choosing skills.

Meta questions about fantasizing skills.

These are easier to ask, and much easier for them to answer.

These are much more pleasurable for them to answer.

These will get their brains spinning about fantasy futures.

The BEST PART is without even trying, they'll associate those fantasy futures with you.

This will make you VERY unique.

In a VERY good way.

Learn How:


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