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Expect miracles today


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Can you make an audio, that helps you with trusting the universe, so that you expect miracles to happen anytime and all the time. 

Something like: 


I know that good things are coming 

I expect miracles every day 

Now is the time 

Today is the day 

Today will be the best day of my life 

My miracle is here 

Today, I am living my dreams 

Today, my wishes are turning into reality 

Today, happiness is mine  

Today, I am healthier than ever 

Today, job opportunities will come my way 

Today, money is flowing into my life 

Today, my dream body is manifesting 

Today, I will meet great people 

Today, I will find love 

I’m ready 

I’m safe 

I’m exited 

I’m complete 

I’m grateful 



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