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The idea of covert hypnosis is extremely compelling.

Ever since Dr. Milton Erickson invented it decades ago, it's been applied in pretty much every situation words are used.

Sales, seduction, therapy, even comedy.

It does, however, take quite a bit of practice.

If you are in sales, or therapy, this is the easiest.

Both salespeople and therapists tend to see the same people over and over.

If you are a real estate agent, you'll get the same concerns, objections, desires, etc.

This means when getting ready to show a house to somebody, you can "pre-frame" quite a bit.

All the patterns, the best structures, the objections, etc.

The more you do this, the better you get.

With therapy, it's more or less the same thing.

That's why it's called "practice."

Because each time you see a new patient, you can practice your skills.

And just like sales, most people have the same issues, and the same feelings about those issues.

This is why using covert hypnosis for seduction, or even just having fun socially is the MOST difficult way to use it.

The people you are talking to are not going the be NEARLY as similar as in sales or therapy.

This is the most common problem with running any kind of "game."

You can only get so far with memorized patterns.

Eventually, you'll need to speak fluently, in the moment.

There are TWO ways to master this.

One is to simply practice in the abstract.

To drill yourself on all the various components, just like boxers drill in the gym, or  musicians drill on scales.

Another way is to reverse the process.

Covert hypnosis is power, and it is an outside-in approach.

Patterns moving from your brain, to theirs, and creating those wonderful feelings of desire and attraction.

But there is another way.

An inside-out approach.

Of taking ideas FROM their brain.

This is what people TRY to do.

But they do so from a content level.

Ask about THINGS or specific EXPERIENCES.

But we humans think in STRUCTURES.

So when you ask about their STRUCTURES, it will create a very different feeling.

With content-based conversations, it's hit or miss.

They might LOVE one type of music that you may dislike.

But with STRUCTURE thinking, it's much, much easier to find similarities.

It's much easier to create DEEP rapport.

The kind most people think happens once in a lifetime.

Even better is these structures are pretty easy to learn.

But because few people know about them, let alone think about them, you will EASILY stand out from everybody.

The best part is you'll NEVER run out of stuff to talk about.

Which means YOU will become the BEST conversational partner they've ever had.

Whoever THEY are.

Learn How:


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