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According to anthropologists, language and conscious thought is why humans eventually took over the planet.

Many other animals can learn, but humans can do so collectively.

This means we can discover and idea, and share it with others.

Once everybody has this idea, it becomes part of the "collective consciousness."

This allowed humans to learn as a group.

Even from generation to generation.

Even while skipping a bunch of generations.

This is one of the things that ended the dark ages, and opened up the enlightenment.

They started to "re-discover" the things the Greeks did.

This is the power of language.

The power of thought.

It's how two people who have just met can lose hours over a simple dinner date.

Talking and sharing and creating a "mutually shared hallucination."

When this happens, it is very rare, and very beautiful.

When two people talk, and there is mutual physical and sexual attraction, that's pretty cool.

But it CAN be pretty nerve wracking.

Both people KNOW there is some kind of attraction.

So both people are very nervous.

They both want to keep this.

Neither wants to ruin this.

So they both are very careful to NOT say anything stupid.

This is essentially how all "organic" relationships start.

It usually takes a while.

Something like this is HARD to engineer.

It has to happen in it's own time.

This is why the best relationships come through mutual social circles.

There is a lot of possibilities of these random meetings.

Where that organically growing attraction can grow.

It's also why a lot of people stay with their high school sweet heart.

High school is a great place to meet your life partner.

It has ALL the ingredients.

Mutual social circles.

Plenty of opportunities to "find yourself" in a conversation.

Plenty of times when you both like the other, but you aren't sure how the other feels about you.

These kinds of feelings are the INTENTION of any kind of conscious game.

Where you see somebody, you would very much like to get to know them, but you don't have the necessary organic opportunities.

You see them, you WANT to create that mutual attraction, but you don't have much time.

The tendency is to use an outside-in approach.

To use "artificial" game techniques that are meant to IMPRESS the other person.

These do work.

But they only work in the short term.

Sometimes TOO much.

Kind of like starting an exercise program too fast.

The desire is there, but you might blow out a tendon.

What's the solution?


One, find out ABOUT them.

Not in a superficial way.

Not in a "who is your favorite band," way.

But find out HOW they think.

Find out the structure of their thoughts.

This will actually CREATE those deep and long lasting conversations that most people think are very, very rare.

Once you can GENERATE those "rare" feelings in anybody, you'll be the one they chase.

Learn How:


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