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Dale Carnegie said the easiest way to become interesting TO others is to be interested IN others.

This, of course, is one of those truism that needs some explaining.

First of all, we would all LOVE for the "right people" to be interested in us.

Gorgeous people, rich people, Hollywood producers, Venture Capitalists, etc.

Nobody would like being followed around by a bunch of drunken homeless people because they found you so interesting.

Another thing we'll need to figure out is HOW, specifically do we show our interest.

For example, suppose you've got your eye on a cutie across the room.

Do you walk up and say:

"Hi, I think you're very interesting," and wait for the fireworks?

That might work as a decent ice breaker, but unless there was already enough pre-existing attraction, that would seem a bit creepy.

A "goofy" pick up line is to walk up to a gorgeous girl and say:

"I know you're gorgeous. But I'm wondering if you are just as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside..."

This MIGHT work, but only if she is showing you OBVIOUS signs of attraction.

If she hasn't, she'll reply to that above statement with:

"Um, who are you?"

Does this mean that showing interest doesn't work?


Showing interest works like MAGIC.

But only if you put in the right effort.

Anybody can express some easy sentiments.

Suppose you had a friend who was struggling with their math homework.

And you said something EASY like:

"Keep at it, you'll figure it out."

Sure, this has the right intention.

But that statement doesn't COST you anything.

It's very EASY to say.

So the most likely response you'd get would be:

"Uh, yea, thanks...whatever..."

On the other hand, suppose you STOPPED what you were doing and actually HELPED THEM.

Showed them some of your math tricks and techniques.

Made sure they understood it.

That would be the same sentiment, but it would be backed by action.

Anybody can walk up to an attractive person and say they are interested.

Anybody can PRETEND they are interested in the person on the inside just as much as the person on the outside.

But few people know HOW to ask the right questions, in the right order, that actually DEMONSTRATE keen interest.

Questions about themselves they've NEVER been asked before.

Even better, is to ask them questions that don't require THEY do any thinking.

No feeling on the spot.

No forcing them to share anything they don't want to.

This will do THREE powerful things at once.

One, it will demonstrate you REALLY ARE interested in the REAL them.

Two, is it will be very easy and enjoyable for them.

Three is they will find out things about themselves they've never even THOUGHT about before.

This means that YOU will stand out in their mind.

In a wonderful way that is different from everybody they've ever talked to.

Learn How:


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