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There's a lot of "tricks" in seduction.

Perhaps the most famous, is the "instant connection" pattern.

This has been copied and regurgitated over and over.

It is basically when you are talking to somebody, either a romantic interest, or a potential customer.

But somewhere in the pattern, you mention an "instant connection" with somebody.

Like you are randomly going off on an "unexpected" tangent.

And you say something like:

"Have you ever felt an instant connection with somebody?"

"Where you just feel this click..."

This pattern SOUNDS cool.

It's sure fun to IMAGINE THIS WORKING.

To be able to walk up to a stranger, utter a few lines and get them to suddenly BECOME INTERESTED in you.

Unfortunately, it misses the point.

For this short pattern to work, they would have to feel MASSIVE rapport.

It relies on them, going inside, and coming up with a memory of "clicking" with somebody.

And then bringing back that "feeling" then and there in the moment.

Let's take a quick tangent to this idea.

When people go to see a therapist, it takes a long time to open up.

A few weeks, at least, for the therapist to build enough rapport so the patient trusts them enough to share their deep feelings.

This is because we humans don't just open up to any goof.

So when a stranger walks up, and starts rambling about any "instant connection," the person hearing this will have a ton of defensive energy.

This type of thing, of an instant connection, is the kind of stuff you talk to VERY close friends about.

This is a very rare, very beautiful emotional experience.

Nobody is going to immediately recall that feeling just because some random dude starts talking about it.

If it were possible to DESCRIBE and emotion, and CREATE that emotion that you were describing, then it would be EASY to sell things.

All a salesperson would have to say is:

"Have you ever felt a strong buying desire?"

"Where you just absolutely had to GET THIS?"

You could even do an experiment, and try this out.

Go buy a bunch of stuff that is legal to re-sell.

Then to knocking on random doors.

Start with saying this:

"Hi, my name is Jack, I'm doing a quick survey. I only want to ask two questions."

And then rattle of the quick, "instant buying desire" pattern above.

See how many you sell.

Turns out the "instant connection" pattern doesn't really create connections.


But there is a way to actually CREATE that connection.

It takes a bit more brainpower than just rattling off a couple of memorized lines.

But by asking the right questions, paying attention to the answers, and asking carefully calibrated follow-up questions, you can CREATE any emotion you want.

Learn How:


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