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make me 10 inches long 6 inches thick!!


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the number 1 hypnosis audio or video for MEN is always going to be penis growth!

it makes a great gift for yourself ,for someone special and the simple truth is this -boys should be listening to these types of audio's while in puberty to better asssist them!


the audio is called [ 10 x 06]


it doesnt have to be specific to this size BUT this size is the ultimate size for men who arent 10 inches long.

if i had a fortune and some scientist guarunteed  me this size i would spend it on this-just so i could be more happier!


i know these audio's work because i was a smoker for more than 30 years and after listening to your audio PLUS the power of GOD -I DONT SMOKE ANYMORE! 


i started your audio around june -listening to it 3 times a week -on august 25 -i was done!

that was my first day without a cigarette! 


i have dreams that i smoke and when i wake up i have to listen to your audio every time i see myself slip ....so i am not only a success story but living proof that this works-YOUR AUDIO WORKS! 


IF your gonna make this audio -it would be great to have multiple voices that are men only.

i think the deeper the voice of the hypnotist, more testosterone is being created by the listener.

christmas is coming and people need great gifts!    

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Good for you, firstly and may you manifest this. 

But, as a woman (and I'm pretty sure a gay guy would feel the same way!)

6 inches thick sounds kinda painful to have inside me!

Thick and long is ahem yes is lovely and I agree with the length! But not so sure THAT thick is a nice feeling, could you actually get it inside anyone??


Sorry TMI but I'm trying to work out how thick that is and unless my calculations are off, you'd need to probably screw an elephant for it not to be painful for the other party.


Sorry blush I just HAD to chime in there.   Erm, I'm "measuring" a certain guy if there is a next time and see how long and thick HE is and then I will know for sure ("Stop one moment, honey, let me just get out my tape measure" LOL) and thank you for making me laugh!!!


I tried to delete this and it won't let me...I googled 6 inches circumference and it's a good thickness ;-) my maths skills are just REALLY REALLY REALLY bad.  


Now I am also cracking up laughing cos it looks like I am the one asking for a 10 inches long 6 inches thick penis and I am a woman LOLLLLLL!

Someone else PLEASE REPLY!!! 

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hi athena ,first off  -thanx! i hope i manifest it too.


second ,im 7 X5 so a 10 x 6 is really not a huge jump.


maybe the script could be for male growth?


maybe the script could be about growing to the size you always wanted to be?


its not about the actual size thats important-


its about working for a better change thats important -


people who have it worse than me would like to have the option of correcting it


hypnosis is just 1 way


it would be great IF we have more options!

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