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How To Lead Their Emotions


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Many guys have problems with girls.

Guys would LOVE to know what to say to get certain girls to like them.

To get girls to feel certain ways about them.

To do certain things.

Many girls have problems with guys.

Girls would LOVE to know what to say to get certain guys to like them.

To get guys to feel certain ways about them.
Salespeople have problems with customers.

They would LOVE to know what to say to get customers to buy.

To buy, buy again, and refer more people to them.

This is a very common human problem.

We see somebody.

We want that other somebody to do something, or feel something, or say something.

But we have zero idea what WE can say, so they believe or feel or behave in a way that we want.

Even if you want to start a conversation with somebody, knowing what to SAY is often the barrier keeping you on the sidelines.

But what if you don't need to SAY anything?

No, we aren't talking about using telepathy or any kind of psychic techniques.

But what if getting ANYBODY to do ANYTHING wasn't about what you said, but about what kinds of questions you asked?

After all, everybody is always eager to talk about themselves.

This is what Dale Carnegie said DECADES ago.

That everybody is always listening to their favorite radio station.



"What's In It For Me?"

Dale Carnegie also famously said that the best way to be a CHARISMATIC conversationalist is to LISTEN much more than you talk.

This is a good START, but that advice doesn't help much.

You won't get very far by walking over to that cute girl or guy and saying:

"So, tell me about yourself!"

Sure, that kind of lame opener works if you are a famous talk show host, but if you are some random guy or girl, people will look at you funny.

The REAL question is how, specifically, do you lead them by only asking certain questions?

What specific questions do you ask, and in what order?

When it comes to questions, and conversational topics, there is CONTENT and there is STRUCTURE.

Nearly everybody talks or asks about CONTENT.

What's your favorite band.

What's your favorite cake icing.

How many Watts does your microwave have.

You won't get very far by asking content questions.

But what about asking structure questions?

Questions about HOW they think?

How they choose what they like?

How they LITERALLY "see themselves" doing things?

Not only will this be very unique way of talking, but it will make THEM feel very, very good.

Because you start asking them about the structure of their thinking, you can lead them to VERY pleasant feelings.

Pleasant feelings they'll associate with you.

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