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Most things are best understood as a numbers game.

You talk to 10 girls you might get a couple numbers.

You send out a few dozen resumes, and you might get a couple calls.

You stand in the batting cages and you might really connect with one out of three or four pitches.

This CAN be discouraging.

Especially if you focus on every single swing, or approach, or phone call.

But the longer you can stretch out your perception, the easier it seems.

Especially if you understand from the beginning that it's just a numbers game.

Even more so if you are slowly improving.

One of the oldest jokes in the entertainment business is the guy walking down the street in New York.

He asks a local how to get to Carnegie Hall.

The local says, "practice."

If you want to get ANYWHERE, you need to practice.

On one hand, this kind of sucks.

Especially in modern times when everybody is not only entitled but insanely impatient.

We want what we want, and we want it NOW.

On the other hand, once you get into a routine, you'll ALWAYS be getting some.

Getting what?

Getting better.

When you don't have something but you want something, it can create a paradox of never ending frustration.

You want it, you want it NOW, but you don't know HOW you'll get it.

This is maddening to say the least.

But when you start taking small, tiny, daily steps toward what you want, something pretty cool will happen.

In a week or so, you'll look behind you and see how far you've come.

You'll look out ahead of you and you'll KNOW how far you'll be going.

You'll get rid of that "now-frustration" that is never ending.

And replace it with continuous feeling of forward momentum.

This means you'll KNOW where you are going.

You'll feel it.

It will start to change how you feel, what you think, how you speak and behave, and how people perceive you.

A "now-frustrated" person is very UN-attractive.

Nobody wants to hang around somebody who wants things, wants them now, but doesn't know HOW to get them.

This is like hanging around a baby who is constantly screaming.

On the other hand, when you develop consistent forward momentum, that is much more attractive.

People will you see you, and they IMMEDIATELY notice that you are different than most.

They won't see somebody who is dependent on others.

They won't see somebody who is frustrated and stuck.

They'll see somebody who is going places.

Which places?

Whichever direction you choose.

Transforming your life, and everybody around you.

One easy step at a time.

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