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The $50 Burger Disaster


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Most of us have plenty of goals.

Things we'd like to have, or be able to do.

But we either never start, or we've started and given up a few times.

Why is goal setting so hard?

There can only be two reasons.

One is that the thing we are after is unachievable.

Or the process we are doing to get the thing is incorrect.

Both are hard to stomach.

Believing we want something that is impossible is pretty depressing.

Equally depressing is to admit we are always doing it wrong.

Both have the same result.

We want something, but we'll never get it.

Money, love, a better job, a better body, etc.

Just for a moment, let's assume the second reason.

That we're doing it wrong.

If we are doing it wrong, that means we can figure out how to do it right.

The common way, which we'll assume is the wrong way, is to create a TON of motivation, and charge forward as hard as we can.

We'll assume this is the wrong way since it rarely works.

But when we try again, we violate Einstein's principle of insanity.

Of trying the SAME thing but expecting a different result.

Weight loss, strengthening, social confidence, we use the SAME structure, and fail, most of the time.

What's the structure?

Muscle up and plow through the pain!

Grab your balls and go talk to her!

Suck it up, get out of bed an hour early and hit the pavement!

Look terror in the eye, and knock on enough doors until you get enough sales!

Yeah, uh, no.

That doesn't work.

That whole, create a bunch of motivation of thin air and power through the pain.

We need a better way.

Or at least another way that doesn't suck so fricking much.

The problem is based on economics.

And how we compare what we WANT to what we THINK will get us there.

Both are based on how well we IMAGINE things.

The costs and the benefits.

But as we start knocking on doors, or talking to random girls, or running before sunrise, the COSTS become more real.

But the benefits are STILL in our imagination.

Before we start, it SEEMS the benefits are worth the costs.

But the more we push forward with ONLY motivation, the REAL costs get bigger every day.

Imagine if you went into your favorite burger shop.

And you looked up and saw a burger combo for $4.

Uh yea, I'd like the burger combo.

But when you went to pay, they wanted $50.

Added fees, taxes, etc.

Would you pay?

Hell, no!

Same with motivation.

Eventually the REAL costs get so big it's RATIONAL to stop paying.

What's the better way?




Keep the costs as SMALL as possible.

Forget that motivation nonsense.

Instead, build MOMENTUM.

Because momentum is self-sustaining.

Momentum can lead you ANYWHERE.

Learn More:


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