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All problems of modern society can be described as "instinct-mismatch."

Back in the day, we were ALWAYS hungry.

That was good.

The HUNGRIER you were, the more motivated you were to get out and kill something.

Not only to get out and kill something, but to eat AS MUCH as you could whenever you had a chance.

PERFECT for the time before.

Really, really horrible for modern society.

Most other instincts are like this.

Fantastic back in the day, horrible today.

Social signals, relationships, social status, all perfectly calibrated for primitive times.

All being horrifically misfired today.

Probably the ONLY instinct that serves us is fear of dangerous animals.

If we saw a tiger following us today, it would scare the crap out of us JUST LIKE back in the day.

Of course, this is a pretty useless instinct as not a lot of people see tigers on their morning walk.

But on a meta-level, we are much less likely to make the necessary TRANSITIONS we did back in the day.

Way back in the day, we transitioned from being DEPENDENT to being PROVIDERS.

If you were a slacker back in the day, you'd left behind.

Today, finding out ways to game the system is a fantastic career choice.

Especially if you're a banker!

One way this plays out is how we MEASURE ourselves.

If you were a little kid back in the day, AND today, your self worth was based on how well, or how poorly, other people treated you.

Eventually, usually when you were old enough to walk around on your own, you started to DEFINE your self worth.

There were no politicians on TV telling you how special you were.

There were no classes in college telling you how it is somebody else's responsibility to take care of you.

Every single human that survived long enough to send their DNA into the future learned a very important rule.

One that is VERY RARE today.

One that little kids back then were FORCED to learn.

The rule?

If you don't kill, you don't eat.

Back then, all successful humans had to DEFINE their worth to the tribe on a daily basis.

The BETTER you provided REAL VALUE to the tribe, the more they valued you.

Nobody could just "decide" to be valuable or special "just because."

Now, this may be offensive to many people.

And that's fine.

Plenty of people have ZERO PROBLEM letting OTHERS take care of them their whole lives.

But as we alluded before, we STILL have these ancient instincts.

So when YOU choose to take responsibility for your life, that will trigger these ancient instincts in others.

Ancient instincts that say YOU are a very valuable human.

Much more so than all the other entitled goofs running around.

This, of course, will give you a HUGE advantage.

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