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The Competition Domination Frame


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We humans love competition.

For fun, for business, and for fun.

However, it's very easy to shy away from any kind of competition.

For kids, this is pretty normal.

You'll find plenty of little league sports that are easing the kids into competition.

The first step is to get them running around and moving with other kids.

The next step is to get them switching from offense to defense, or at least understanding what they mean.

During this phase, they "score" but they don't "keep score."

In most sports, this is a reminder of ancient battles of territoriality.

Protect your goal, attack the other player's goal.

Even in chess, they use the words "attack" and "defend."

Eventually, the kids will start keeping score.

They'll know the difference between the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.

This is very, very necessary for a healthy personality.

Because competition is EVERYWHERE.

You want that ideal job?

So do a lot of other folks.

You want that cute girl or guy?

So do a lot of other folks.

You want that perfect house in that perfect neighborhood?

So do plenty of other folks.

It CAN be possible, in some areas, to avoid competition completely.

This makes life VERY safe, but also VERY boring.

Competition is where the fun is.

Even when watching a football game with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon, they conversation will have competition built into it.

Who can tell the funniest joke.

Who can come up with the cleverest insults to the refs.

Who can jump up and scream the loudest and the most enthusiastically when their team scores.

Competition is like that one mohawk dude from one the Mad Max movies.

"You! You can run! But you can't hide!"

Some competitions are easier to face than others.

It's VERY EASY to give up.

Especially in modern society, where pretty much EVERYTHING is easy.

At least not dangerous.

But the MORE you can embrace and engage in competition, the better you'll do.

Not in a caveman, battle to the death way.

But in the friendly, "attack the other guy's king," chess way.

And very often, how strong your competition FRAME is, the better you'll do.

This is EXACTLY why boxers give each other the scare of death before the bell rings.

This same thing takes place in the boardroom, on the tennis court, and while hanging out with friends.

Most of the time, this "competition frame" is fake.

A conscious ATTEMPT to demonstrate some kind of dominance.

But a REAL and GENUINE competition is VERY powerful.

Because it's NOT fake.

It's congruent.

A deep belief in yourself.

Not even to win, but to ENJOY the game.

It's one thing to try and fake a dominance frame.

But when you present a congruent, "I'm going enjoy this," frame, it will be very rare, and very powerful.

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