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Holding a strong frame is a very necessary skill.

One might say it's THE most important skill.

Socrates was murdered for proving that all the goofs in charge couldn't "prove" anything they thought was a logical reason for being in power.

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius noted that EVERYTHING is opinion.

One dude famously came up with the basic idea that EVERYBODY is governed by the ancient law, "might makes right."

This might not seem to be true, especially in a polite society.

But if you tune your brain to see this structure, you'll see it everywhere.

Most conversations, even casual ones, are "idea contests."

And they are NOT a bunch of logicians like Spock dissecting each idea to find the strongest, objective, TRUTH.

Idea contests, between friends and presidential hopefuls are based on how STRONGLY you present your idea.

Cult leaders have an INSANELY strong connection to their crazy beliefs.

That is why they are so compelling.

Their frame strength is HUGE.

The most charismatic politicians don't really have any ideas better or worse than the rest of the power hungry goofs.

They just present them with very strong frames.

This does make sense.

We humans split from chimps several million years ago.

We only invented language a hundred thousand years ago.

What exists UNDER our language?

A very ancient, hierarchy contest.

Primates live in hierarchies.

Humans live in hierarchies.

The STRONGER your frame, the higher up you'll be.

The higher up you get, the BETTER everything will be.

More money, more sex, more love, more opportunities, more everything.

This is something that NOBODY wants you to know.

Particularly those at the TOP.

The ones that HAVE the most power.

Funny how once they GET power, they tell us we SHOULDN'T want power.

That we should behave like good little primates and do as we're told.

When chimps compete for hierarchy dominance, they do through naked aggression.

When humans compete for hierarchy dominance, we do through frame battles.

Most of which are done by friendly people sharing friendly ideas.

If you don't know about this stuff, it seems VERY fair, polite, even CIVILIZED.

But underneath that politeness is the ANCIENT frame battle that powers all primates, including us.

Now for the MONEY question.

How can you BUILD your frame?

Are we like chimps, where we are more or less BORN into our level of status?

Not according to Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor.

He was born with a speech impediment.

But that didn't stop him.

He overcame it by filling his mouth with rocks and yelling at the ocean.

And taking plenty of time to increase his oratory skills.

Pulling himself up by his bootstraps to become leader of the known world.

If you WANT to increase you frame strength you can.

Even better is that today we live in a world where the average frame strength is about as WEAK as it's ever been.

Which means with just a little bit of practice, you can DOMINATE.

Get Started:


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