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Getting free stuff is easy.

Expecting free stuff is even easier.

This is a very dangerous trap.

Even for pure economic reasons, it's very dangerous.

It doesn't take a lot of skill to receive free stuff.

It doesn't take a lot of skill to expect free stuff.

On the other hand, it's pretty easy to convince people that they "deserve" or they "should" get free stuff.

Sure, if you are perfectly happy to stay safely in the middle, never be more than average, this is a decent strategy.

On the other hand, if you want more than what you have now, if you want to have and BE better than average, you've got to DO better than average things.

One of the most critical distinctions a person has to make in life is understanding the difference between "you" and your behaviors.

We all see the world through the lens of the "I" inside of "us."

But all the other people can ONLY see our behaviors.

The things we do.

The things we produce or create.

They absolutely CAN NOT see the "I" inside.

Not the "I," nor the opinion we have of that "I" inside.

At the same time, that "I" inside drives our outer behaviors.

Those things others HAVE to use to make a determination about us.

The way we walk, the way we talk, the content of our speech, the content of our lives.

When we are young, there is only "I" inside.

But as we transition out and into the world, we need to see the "I" inside as only the DRIVING force of our behaviors.

When we are young, that "I" inside is defined and determined by others, by how they treat us.

But as we get older, that "I" inside is only a starting point.

We have to transition to defining that "I" inside not by others, but by our own behaviors and actions.

ANYBODY can be lazy and not productive, and still hang on to the idea that the "I" inside is spectacular, special and unique.

But unless we are still DEPENDENT on others for our survival, NOBODY is going to give ANY consideration to OUR opinion of ourselves.

The ONLY thing that those around us can use to judge us by is our BEHAVIORS.

Most of this is subconscious and something most folks never think about.

Most people will NEVER get past the point of a childhood description of the "I" inside and the behaviors it drives.

But there is MUCH MORE potential than our factory settings.

The most important transition is to begin to re-define, on a daily basis, your own interpretation of that "I" inside.

Better "I" creates better behaviors, which creates better responses, which creates a more robust description of the "I" inside.

Get this cycle going, and never stop.

Learn How:


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