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The other day I saw this pretty cool gif.

One of those short, animated ones.

It was (I think) a lady sitting on the edge of a cliff.

Not really a cliff, a huge rock formation.

The edge wasn't really an edge, more like an ever increasing slope.

And since it was a rock, and not dirt, she seemed to have a lot of grip, due to the surface of the rock.

But she kept sliding forward.

Because the curve was pretty gradual, it looked liked she might go sliding off the edge at any point.

Then the camera zoomed out, and you could see what might happen if she slid only a couple more inches further.

It was only a small, low resolution, two or three second gif.

But it make me wince, and say out loud:

"Holy crap, dude!"

Just watching things like this makes us FEEL things.

They think the part of our brain that makes us feel "sympathetic emotions" when watching others helped to maintain tribal cohesion in our ancient past.

If we saw somebody in trouble, we would "feel it" ourselves, and that feeling would motivate us to help get them OUT of trouble.

This would motivate us to help others, but partially for our own selfish reasons.

By helping them, we eliminate their pain, so we eliminate our pain.

We also feel good about ourselves for helping them.

They'll remember us for helping them, and so will all the people who saw us help them.

Key to all of this the "mirror neuron" effect.

We see other people experience things, and we feel the same effect.

It's hard to watch a guy on YouTube get kicked in the nuts and NOT wince, at least a little bit.

This is ALSO one technique people use to judge us.

Not judge in a negative way, but to get a quick read of who we are, our personality, whether we are friend of foe, etc.

This happens quickly and mostly subconsciously.

You see somebody shifty, and you just KNOW to avoid them.

Or you see somebody who is confident and you KNOW they are good person to have around.

We are ALWAYS projecting our opinion of ourselves, how we feel about the situation we are in, and how well we think we can handle ourselves.

If you are up to no good, and trying to con people, you'll give off the "creepy" kind of vibe.

If you are confident in yourself, your abilities, and your overall world in general, this will give off a much different vibe.

In a very short handed, powerful way, the more you LIKE YOURSELF, the more others will like you as well.

This has to be genuine, and not faked.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can slowly, consistently and easily INCREASE how much you like yourself.

Learn How:


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