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What I say to myself as I listen


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Perhaps others can relate or are already doing something similar:


As the affirmations play, I say to myself, "believe", "change", I trust them" (the people speaking the affirmations), "believe", "become", "yes", "true", "allow", 
"willing", "learn", "allow" etc.,


I say them sporadically, sometimes 3 or 4 commands every few minutes. My tone is confident, commanding, and there is a sense of excitement in it.


Within a few minutes, I consider the statements coming from people who truly want whats best for me and are there to help. Soon after, I start to believe what I am hearing.


One other insight:


I sometimes hard focus on the words coming to my left ear. Then I hard focus and whats between or on top, then the right ear. Its an excercise, that I believe may help fire or build new brain neurons.


The above is helpful. But, I can also say that I do not like to listen when I am doing other unrelated things ( like housework when im listening to approval free - just one example). For me, I need to be mindfully present. So, thats just me. But, listening to "clean and organized matches perfectly when I need to clean my apartment - lol.

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