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The discovery of electricity was a pretty pivotal thing.

It led to a lot more stuff to be invented.

Electricity, at it's core, is energy.

The story of human history is closely related to the story of energy.

How, specifically, is electricity made?

You spin some magnets around some copper wires and it creates an electrical current.

But this was ONLY possible once they discovered fossil fuels.

You could, theoretically, create electricity by burning wood.

But since wood doesn't burn very hot, AND it burns up pretty quickly, you'd need a TON of wood to power a couple of houses.

You can also power steam engines with wood.

The concept is the same.

This is something the ancient Greeks knew about.

You burn wood, boil some water, and the rising steam makes things spin around.

This is how they make electricity, only they don't burn wood.

They use coal, or nuclear energy, or sometimes the heat from deep within the Earth.

But this process ONLY works if you have ENOUGH energy to boil ENOUGH water to spin the things around to make electricity.

This is one reason why all of Galileo's inventions were only on paper.

Everything NEEDS energy.

Our bodies need energy.

The story of human progress is the story of more and more energy use.

First, we had to use OUR OWN energy to run after animals.

Then we could leverage the energy of fire, to hunt, to cook, and to stay safe.

Then agriculture, which leverages the sun, the earth, some nutrients, human planning, and water.

The more ENERGY we've figured out how to use, the more progress we make.

You can easily draw a parallel to individual human behavior.

You can understand the skills, but not have the "energy" to use them.

You can make the most beautiful and compelling presentations in front of a mirror, but collapse into a heap of anxiety whenever somebody watches you.

This is very similar to knowing HOW to boil water to spin things around, but not having enough ENERGY to make it worthwhile.

When it comes to inter personal behavior, there are SKILLS and there is the ENERGY behind those skills.

All the skills without the energy is very much like Galileo's drawings.

They look cool in the ABSTRACT.

But without much energy, they don't DO much.

Energy, on the other hand, is very powerful.

Personal energy much more so.

Because when you speak with just a LITTLE BIT of energy, it will make EVERYTHING much better.

And when you increase both?

Both power, and the skills that are driven by that POWER?

You become unstoppable.

What kind of power is this?

Find Out:


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