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A lot of things are acquired tastes.

Like coffee and alcohol, for example.

When I was a kid, my parents would make coffee in the morning.

I'd never tasted it, so all I knew was the smell.

I imagined it would be delicious.

But once I took a sip, it kind of ruined it.

I had an imagination of what it MIGHT taste like, but that was shattered by the awful taste.

But then, I grew up and got the world famous coffee buzz.

That's when I associated the taste with the effect.

Now, it tastes good.

Really good.

Many people spend TONS of money on coffee, and have highly refined sense of different beans from different locations.

All of this is due to our inherent "cause-effect" generator in our brains.

An ancient brain algorithm that helps us to think very quickly.

Sometimes this works in our favor, sometimes it doesn't.

If you are a little kid, and you touch a hot stove, you'll have a danger "cause effect" hard wired into your little brain.

Of course, these can be slowly overridden.

If you use that same stove to cook on, you'll develop much more positive associations.

Nice smells, good food, a few people helping out in the kitchen, etc.

Cause-effect is the same thing animal trainers use.

It's also the same thing we leverage when we study.

The question is the cause, and the effect that we are hoping to build in is the answer.

Of course, it's usually much more complicated than this.

But we can train ourselves, we can be trained by our environment, and we can train others.

This is happening all the time, so why not leverage it?

One way to train others is by how you make them feel.

This is definitely a longer game strategy.

A "show don't tell" strategy.

A "let them think it was their idea" strategy.

How, specifically, does it work?

You interact with somebody.

You communicate with them in a certain way.

Because of your unique communication style, they'll feel much better talking to you than most everybody else.

Do this a few times, and they'll slowly associate those good feelings with you.

Let this become your natural communication style and strategy, and EVERYBODY will soon associate their good feelings with you.

This will create a very powerful, very virtuous cycle.

Meaning people in general will begin to treat you differently.

This will make YOU think differently about others.

This will come across in your frame and your non-verbal communication.

Shift your communication style, and build a completely new world for yourself.

What, specific communication style?

This One:


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