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Being more flexible is better than being less flexible.

It's hard to imagine a scenario when having less flexibility would be an asset, rather than a liability.

But flexibility comes in many, many forms.

There's physical flexibility, where you can touch your toes without screaming in pain.

If you weren't very flexible, for example, and there was a sudden zombie apocalypse, you'd be in trouble.

Especially if you were outside when it happened.

Particularly if they were the fast running zombies.

You see a zombie coming your way, you instinctively run in the opposite direction, and pull a muscle.

Not only are you about to get eaten, but you're laying on the ground in pain, grabbing your hamstrings in agony.

The last thing that goes through your mind as the zombies gather around and sink their zombie teeth in your delicious flesh:

"Dang! I should have spent a few minutes stretching in the morning!"

Dong something as simple as a few morning stretches can save your life!

Flexibility of thinking is also an asset.

And not just in zombie apocalypses.

Those who are much more creative in their problem solving skills tend to have much better positions.

Today and way back in our evolutionary past.

We can imagine an ancient tribe of humans.

So long as they had a few guys who could think outside the box, they'd be OK.

The guys who could think outside the box would tend to be the tribal leaders.

The other guys just needed to do what they were told, and they'd be good.

For plenty of people, that would be a dream come true.

Show up at any kind of job, be told EXACTLY what to do, and get paid a lot of money.

Unfortunately, if you did find a job opening like that, there'd be a kajillion applicants.

Once, a long while ago, I actually ALMOST applied for a job like that.

I saw an add for meter reader.

Walk around, go in people's backyards, and read some kind of meter.

Since it was a government job, the pay and benefits were very high.

Walk around outside all day, read some numbers off a meter, write them on a clipboard, and make a ton of money.

I drove to the building where they were holding the interviews, but I didn't even bother parking.

Even though I got there an hour early, the line was HUGE!

Everybody LOVES the idea of big pay for brainless work.

But if you can manage to develop lateral thinking skills, creative problem solving skills, and more and more ways to skin the proverbial cat, you'll be in a much better position.

More authority, more pay, and more people who'll naturally defer to your leadership.

Learn How:


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