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I saw a funny gif on reddit the other day.

A girl had prepared an orange by slicing it in half, but leaving it so it didn't look sliced in half.

She was dressed up as some kind of soldier, with a sword.

Her intention was to quickly pull the sword out of the scabbard and inch, and then put it back in.

And (I'm guessing here) she was going to reach down and take off the top half of the orange.

Only as soon as she put the sword back in the scabbard, the top half of the orange slid off.

Since she started laughing when that happened, I'm guessing that part was unexpected.

This is a fairly common scene in movies with any kind of sword play.

One guy will have such a fast move, you can barely see him draw, and then half of the other guy's face slides off.

Like in the final scene in the movie, "Equilibrium."

Or done humorously in "Blazing Saddles."

Gene Wilder, playing the cowboy, is sitting on his horse with his arms crossed and a goofy look on his face.

The other guys, a bunch of bad guys, reach for their guns, but before they can get them out, they are all shot.

Then the camera shifts back to Gene Wilder, who's still sitting with his arms crossed, goofy grin on his face.

Meaning he uncrossed his arms, shot all the bad guys, and put his gun back, and then crossed his arms again.

The structure appears over and over because it is compelling.

It is compelling when it's 100% serious, like in "Equilibrium."

It's compelling when it's 100% humorous, like in "Blazing Saddles."

It's compelling because of what it implies.

That the good guy is SO MUCH stronger than the bad guy, he can take care of him without blinking an eye.

This is the basic character of Clint Eastwood's "man with no name," character.

Which is essentially a western copy of Toshiro Mifune's same Samurai character.

We love that kind of character because WE WISH we were that powerful.

We love to imagine that we have that much power, and skill, and speed, and nobody will a match for us.

Like we could see a gang of bikers surround us in a bar, look at them with a wide-eyed smile, brush our nose with our thumb, and give them all a famous, Bruce Lee, "Well, come on then!" gesture.

All of these scenes and gags represent physical strength and speed.

Which is fine, if you want to be a bar brawler or a gunfighter for a living.

But a much more lucrative, attractive, persuasive and seductive angle would be to create those same verbal skills.

Those same thinking skills.

To destroy your enemies without a second thought.

Learn How:


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