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One common trait that most people enjoy is a sense of humor.

It's one thing most ladies like in their men.

It's one thing that most people dig in their friends.

Even most movies, no matter how serious they are, need to have a bit of comic relief.

Psychologist believe that humor is a kind of pressure relief valve.

When we laugh, our bodies quickly tense up and then relax.

Even animals like to goof around, seemingly for the same reason.

But what goes in your brain when you laugh?

What, specifically, is the structure of humor?

One simple structure is ambiguity.

In conversational hypnosis, there are different kinds of ambiguity.

There is the long, stretched out ambiguity that is very trance like and easy to leverage things like commands, anchors, and post hypnotic suggestions.

Then there is the very sudden, unexpected ambiguity.

Like phonological ambiguity.

When a word or phrase hits our brain, but it means two things at the same time.

Why did the boy study on the airplane?

He was in high school.

Which building in town has the most stories?

The library.

What starts with "e," ends with "e," but only contains one letter?

An envelope.

Some jokes are set ups for these ambiguous punch lines.

Often a common phrase that means one thing, but in the context of the joke means something completely different.

For example, one day an elephant was walking through the jungle and fell into a hole.

He called his buddy, the mouse, for help.

The mouse showed up in his Ferrari, and pulled him out with his winch.

A week later the mouse fell into the same hole.

The mouse called his buddy the elephant to help him out.

The elephant straddled the hole, and lowered his dick into the hole, telling the mouse to grab on.

The mouse grabbed on, and the elephant pulled his buddy out.

Moral of the story?

If you've got a big dick, you don't need a Ferrari.

Now, it's one thing to fill your head with jokes to tell at parties.

But as SOON as you start talking, everybody knows a punch line is coming.

A MUCH BETTER way to create funny feelings in their brains is to be able to come up with these different meanings in the moment.

This will give you a lot of power.

Because with the same linguistic structures, you can reframe ANYTHING into anything else.

You can take something somebody says, and flip it around to a completely different meaning.

Turn a snide comment back on the speaker.

Turn a limiting belief into a positive belief.

Turn a random, common complaint, about anything, into a reason to laugh.

Once you learn the structure of linguistic reframing, NO IDEA will be safe from your ninja skills.

You'll be an idea assassin, bringer of good times and destroyer of evil intentions.

Learn How:


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