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How To Naturally Impress Everybody


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There are plenty of ways to impress people.

Most people think in "case by case" terms.

Like they see somebody, and they want to "impress them."

So, most people think in terms of being "situationally impressive."

But what happens when you flip this idea around?

Of changing this from a transitive verb to an adjective?

Wait, what?

A trans what to a who?

A transitive verb is a verb that requires an object

I want to impress that girl.

The verb is "impress" the object is "that girl."

Or, I'm giving a presentation and I want to impress my boss.

The verb, again, is "impress." 

The object is, "my boss."

What is the adjective related to that verb?


As in, "he is impressive."

Which means "he" impresses pretty much ANYBODY he engages with.

This is what they sort of mean when they say, "be yourself."

That short statement is incredibly complicated.

For example, if you are naturally impressive, and you can "be yourself" you will impress a large percentage of people.

Girls, bosses, etc.

But for this to work, you have to have two necessary traits.

One is you have to be CONFIDENT enough to "be yourself."

This is very hard for most people.

Two is that your "natural self" has to BE IMPRESSIVE.

Again, unfortunately, most people AREN'T that impressive.

Most people are pretty uncreative, uninspiring and unoriginal.

So when they say, "be yourself," that only really works if you've got BOTH those qualities.

So, what happens when you TRY to impress somebody?

You are behaving in a way that ISN'T your natural self.

This is something that isn't obvious, but many people can sniff this out.

Like if you are trying to "impress" a girl, but you aren't being yourself, you'll send out some incongruent vibes.


This is a lot of think about.

But you CAN work on ALL of these at once.

Namely, how to be impressive.

How to think much more flexibly, creatively and spontaneously than most slobbering knuckleheads out there.

This will ALSO build up massive self confidence.

And a massive frame.

It requires you NOT fill your head with a bunch of ideas.

But that you TRAIN your thinking.

To think in terms of structure.

This means you can take ANYTHING anybody says and flip it around.

Shrug off insults with ease.

Overcome any frame tests with ease.

And even solve problems with ease.

This will give you the CONFIDENCE to be yourself.

This will give you the flexibility of thinking to BE IMPRESSIVE when you be yourself.

And when you can relax, and be yourself, that means most people will be IMPRESSED with you.


No extra thinking on your part.

Learn How:


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