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Metaphors are fantastic.

But they can also be extremely dangerous.

They are useful when talking about common ideas that are pretty complicated.

For example, let's say you saw a movie.

And your friend asked about it.

And you report that it "started strong" but then "kind of fell apart at the end."

This a perfectly understandable metaphor.

It describes a very common human experience.

Of watching a movie (or TV show or book) that grabbed your attention from the beginning.

But then as it went on, you lost interest.

Maybe the characters started doing crazy stuff, maybe the writing got lazy, who knows.

Another very common metaphorical description of this common thing is that they ran out of money.

You'll find this in plenty of comments about movies.

"I guess they ran out money near the end."

This is the utter beauty of metaphors.

Even they are not very creative, we still know what they mean.

This is what they are for.

To DESCRIBE things that we all know and get, but at the same time, would be hard pressed to give an explicit description.

When metaphors absolutely SUCK is when they are used as ADVICE.

Let's say you see an interesting person across the room.

You'd LOVE to stroll over there and say hey.

You'd LOVE to show her your "best self."

You'd LOVE to hit it off with her, and go somewhere more cozy.

At the same time, you've got a TON of worries about what MIGHT happen.

She might have a boyfriend.

She might look at you with disgust while you're trying to impress her.

She might kick you in the nuts and laugh while you lay on the ground squirming in pain.

All of these horrific thoughts swirl around in your mind.

At the same time all those BEST CASE outcomes swirl around in your mind.

The result is ANXIETY.

The kind of ANXIETY that freezes the best, most creative part of your brain.

So, what do your buddies do?

They give you the LAMEST advice ever.

Grow some balls, man!

Sure, this is a metaphor.

They don't really mean to wander on down to the nursery and get some ball seeds, and plant them, and wait around until spring time.

Then walk over to her (assuming she's there after all this time) and hand her your freshly grown balls.

That wouldn't make any sense!

But the INTENTION of that is to just be brave and walk over.

The problem is that doesn't help AT ALL.

IF you could just "be brave" you wouldn't BE in that predicament.

When talking about things, metaphors are helpful.

But when strategizing, you need to be AS SPECIFIC as you possibly can.

Plan for every outcome possible.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to do this.

A way to plan for EVERYBODY possible thing that can happen.

So no matter HOW the situation unfolds, you'll be ready.

Learn How:


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