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I love a good horror movie.

Most are fairly decent, but once in a while a really brain bending one will come along.

Not just for the movie itself, but the idea behind it.

Namely, the question of, "who in the F--- would think of something like this?!"

One of these is the Korean horror movie "Oldboy."

It was remade by Hollywood, but it was nowhere NEAR the original.

Part of the plot was a guy was kidnapped and kept in a hotel room.

For twenty years.

And during his captivity, he learned Kung Fu only by WATCHING Kung Fu movies.

He even asked himself this after he was released.

"Can you learn Kung Fu from only watching TV?"

Then he kicked the crap out of a bunch of dudes and answered his own question.

If you were some kind of inventor, and you figured out a way to train in physical traits by ONLY watching them, you'd make a kajillion dollars.

Slap on some virtual reality glasses, put the viewer into some kind of trance, and then play the target skill a million times in ultra fast motion.

An hour later, the dude would have the skill.

Taken to its extreme, this would be some serious AI-Human interface skill.

You could take somebody with basic skills and train them to do ANYTHING.

Programming, new languages, martial arts, cooking skills, juggling skills, lion taming skills, ANYTHING!

Of course, this is fantasy, right?

For physical skills, yes.

Even mental skills, like language, it would take a while.

But there is a way you can do this with inter-personal skills.

Humans are highly social creatures.

We are programmed by millions of years of evolution to be highly social creatures.

EVERYBODY has the in-born ability to be a natural with communication and conversation.

The ability to walk up to ANYBODY, and be so completely relaxed, so have such a strong and compelling frame, they'll be instantly and subconsciously attracted to you.

The problem is that ON TOP of the natural congruence, that we ALL had as children, is a ton of crap layered on top.

Crap we learned, crap we were taught, crap we made up ourselves and then went out and found evidence of.

The trick is NOT to try learn something new, like Kung Fu from your TV set.

But to GET RID of that crap.

And let the NATURAL YOU come out and play.

Babies are adorable because they are NATURALLY EXPRESSIVE.

Imagine if you combined the skills you already have, with that IRRESISTIBLY ATTRACTIVE natural expressiveness?

How, specifically, do you do that?

By going inside your brain, and systematically REMOVING all that crap.

All you need is a pen, some paper, and your own mental lab to experiment in.

No kidnapping required.

Learn How:


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