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Don't Offer Her Panda Meat


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A lot of people are worried about AI robots taking over our jobs.

That's partially true.

If you have a job that's pretty monotonous, chances are a robot is going to be doing it.

Flipping burgers, making pizzas, putting together stuff on the assembly line, even surgery.

What WON'T ever be taken over by robots?

Anything that requires in-the-moment human interaction.

This requires something robots will never do.

Look at while people while you are talking and they are talking.

Read their emotions and adjust your questions and answers accordingly.

Help them come to a decision.

This is WAY beyond any AI computer's capabilities.

Humans have been communicating LONG BEFORE we invented words and language.

Just the human face alone has millions of potential facial expressions, based on all the different muscle configurations.

Even the BEST body language readers ON EARTH can only really read people consciously and put them into one of two categories.

The job?

Secret service agents.

The categories?

Threat, or not a threat.

Even then it's pretty difficult.

Most communication is NON VERBAL.

Sure, words are important.

If you tried to get hired simply by smiling, you might end up in the loony bin.

Or if you walked up to a cute girl and tried to mime your way into her panties, you'd end up as meme on the internet.

Clearly, the highest form of human communication is a combination of words and body language.

Or conscious communication and subconscious communication.

Subconscious communication is like a cake.

Conscious communication is like the icing.

A FANTASTIC subconscious communication is much better WITHOUT icing than with the WRONG icing.

The wrong icing on an otherwise fantastic cake would be like a guy with a FANTASTIC non-verbal frame.

One that has EVERY LADY in the place wishing and hoping he'll approach her.

But when he does, he says something goofy like:

"Hey, I just want your opinion. Which do you like better, panda meat tacos or watching ladies push baby carriages off cliffs?"

This would be like one of those record-scratch scenes in the movies.

A fantastic cake with only a LITTLE bit of icing would be like the SAME GUY with the SAME FRAME, but instead of saying any goofy lines, he walks up and says:

"Hey," while maintaining rock solid confidence and charisma.

But even when dude is NOT saying anything, his brain is in a certain configuration.

His brain is thinking certain thoughts.

Those THOUGHTS are creating the frame.

The confidence, the magnetism, and congruence.

So when he DOES speak, and those words RESONATE with his frame, to her he'll be a dream come true.

This is when you become unstoppable.

When you have an ultra strong frame, and just enough words to maximize it.

Learn How:


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