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When I was in Boy Scouts, many, many years ago, we'd go on these weeklong backpacking trips once a year.

We would each be assigned something to carry for the group.

Stoves, food, tents, etc.

But we'd also be assigned things for ourselves.

Waterproof match containers, compass, first aid kid, etc.

We each had a list we'd have to check off before we were allowed to leave.

This a useful training exercise.

To take a bunch of kids up in the hills for a week.

And to train them to check and carry their own stuff.

This idea, of a pre-flight checklist is useful in plenty of areas.

For example, guys who date more that one lady at a time will have a pre-flight check list of sorts to get their place ready.

If a girl comes over and sees evidence of ANOTHER girl, that's not going to go over well.

It's a deep instinct to prepare before doing important things.

On the flip side, it's good to relax and go with the flow.

Going with the flow is good when you're with friends, or if you don't any specific outcome.

Where the experience itself is more important than the end.

Like going shopping not to buy something specific, but just to kill time while looking in all the windows.

Another powerful way "going with the flow" works is ON TOP of intense preparation.

For example, when a boxer steps into the ring, he goes with the flow.

He doesn't have a specific set of punches in his brain.

What he does is based on what the other guy does.

One of the most coveted states of human nature is the "flow" state.

When you are operating at such high levels of performance AND your conscious mind takes a back seat.

Usually this is when there is some kind of competition, like sports.

Competitions necessarily involved an unfolding of completely UNEXPECTED events.

Events that you must respond to IN THE MOMENT.

Most of us are in the "flow state" when we are hanging out with friends.

When it's NOT a competition.

Not really a flow state, but an unconscious, natural state.

However, when we humans talk to strangers, this flow state is very difficult.

Since we never know WHAT, specifically, they are going to say.

So we are naturally on edge, which keeps us OUT of that flow state of mind.

But just like boxing, and other competitions, you CAN reach the flow state.

When wonderful words flow without conscious thought.

When you don't need to worry AT ALL about "what," specifically to say.

When all the words, phrases, gestures and communication that moves organically from your brain to theirs is perfect.

Natural, attractive, seductive, mesmerizing.

How can you develop this conversational flow state?

By practicing the STRUCTURE of language.

Which is also the STRUCTURE of thought.

And when you can reach this wonderful flow state, AT WILL, with anybody, the world will be yours for the taking.

Learn How:


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