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overcome duality, reach nirvana, ascend beyond, become one


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Overcome the traps and infinite loop of duality, reach the perfection of just beeing, beyond the all and the nothing, reach nirvana, reach the purity you once was. No right/wrong, no good/evil, no god/devil, no black/white, no truth/lies, no existence/inexistence, no love/hate, no ying/yiang, no life/death ... become one with everything, go beyond the body, the mind and the soul.


Its hard to explain such state of beeing, it can only been felt through deep meditation, but an analogy is like playing chess with yourself, considering that you see yourself as one, you overcome the duality of win/lose, also you can not cheat. Now expand that to the infinite, and consider the fact that all exist inside one conjunct, you can call it existence, superconscience, universe, gods mind or whatever, when you feel yourself as one with the all, all dualitys, conflicts and relativitys vanishes. But its also inportant still beeing able to sustain an individual mind, because it may be not confortable playing chess alone for the eternity lol

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