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Early results: dancing, perfect love, drive, youth, Instant Manifest


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I will give these their own posts, probably later in the process.

Firstly, so far, I find ALL these videos work that I've tired, but some work for me longer or quicker than others and I think that depends on resistance but i have seen results with all of them.  


Perfect love: (Relationships section) (WARNING SLIGHLY SEXUAL IN PARTS BUT NOT REALLY) I chose this as one to do because I want to soften the energy back from predominantly sexual to some romantic too and one of the biggest thing I noticed was with this guy, R.  We've been on two dates and he started texting me again.  It was sexual and then BAM all of a sudden it started to change and he was saying something like "I said about the casual sex because I thought you only wanted that.  But actually I'd really like to date you.  Would you consider dating me? I think you are attractive and i really enjoyed our time together."  I said we could go on another date and see. 

Haven't had the date yet, he DID text since.  I think he's a bit shy or intimidated by me a bit so I might need to ask him on another date myself.  But it was amazing to see how the texts changed so suddenly from sexual to quite romantic. 

I know other things have happened, little things that I can't quite remember so I think I need to start journalling about these things.  I DO have a private online journal and and offline gratitude one I think I need to get back into that cos it reminds me. When I do this video, when I remember to, that's the sort of intention I set, to add romantic energy to the mix, in general, not on any particular guy.  As I was reading this, I suddenly remembered something else that might be connected.  There is a guy who does like me sexually but there MAY be more.  This is a combo of that one and also I am doing the dominant ones because I think as a teacher, I NEED to be more dominant at work which i find hard.  He's quite a dominant guy but after doing this one, and the one woman army one too, I remember now, he's been more tender towards me.  He's still very Alpha, very dominant but there is a softness, I don't mean a weakness and I don't see EITHER of us as weak but a mellowing towards me, tenderness that wasn't there before. He still says sexual things but for example, he suddenly started gently kissing my back probably TMI but I wanted to share that he hasn't done that before and he's a bit more give and take than he was.  But he's happy, I don't want any very Alpha types to think I am taking anything from him, I'm not and I respect who he is, you know? And if I was to dominate a guy I would only do that to one who was willingly submissive and liked to be that way!  And WANTED that!  But I DEFINITELY noticed a change in the dynamics between us. 


Dancing: (Artistic section): I used this one for the first time on Saturday night as I wanted to go out dancing and thought it might be a nice boost! Well, I think it might have really helped, you guys!  I HAVE been complimented on my dancing before but not often and not for a long time.  On Saturday night, I had this guy, he was DEFINITELY trying to hit on me 'cos he kept trying to dance with me and he asked my name and all that too, he'd keep coming back to me but also he said that he thought I was a great dancer and wanted me to teach him!  And he was amazed at my energy.  So it WAS a line but I think he meant it.  As well as that, I felt more confident dancing.  I thought about my moves, as i do but I think it flowed a little better and my coordination was better than usual.  Even when someone had spilled a bit of liquid on the floor and also my shoes were slightly loose but I mostly could dance well, I think.  I want to dance even better but I think it 

definitely helped and that was my first use!


Youth: Health section, I think:  I DO look young for my age anyway although I want to look younger.  I get told that I do. But with this video my skin looked visably younger to me anyway in the mirror the two times I used it. It was one of the first George Hutton videos I used, when someone mentioned the videos, it was the instant manifesting one.  I did that and the second one I did was this. I was utterly STUNNED when I looked in the mirror.  I haven't noticed it every time but I think it DOES work and it also from what I can see focuses on the mindset too.  Very powerful.


Instant Manifesting: (Manifesting Section plus main videos page):I haven't got everything I asked for with this and I can't even remember what some of the things were like I didn't get another date with J...though I nearly did, actually.  But one of the things was I wanted a mentor for my love life and it's come around in the weirdest way.  This chatroom, I go to a few, it's a strange chatroom really but in this unlikely source I keep attracting guys who actually WANT to help me with this and any time I ask a question about dating or guys, they give me answers, and they are quite positive.  Of course I also get lots of them hoping to get laid with an anonymous, unseen stranger which is more than a little off but unlikely as it is I have found a way to twist that room to my purposes and get almost like free mentorship from there on that subject.  It is SO weird.  Apart from THAT, more and more I am my own mentor there.  (Don't feel bad for the guys, they LOVE the attention, they love to help someone and feel important and few girls are even in there or chat to them at ALL so they LOVE it! and I don't manipulate ANYONE I ask for EXACTLY what I want, straight up.)  There is another thing I asked for and got but I am a bit shy to say but I'm pleased about it, and from what I can remember, i used the video on that too!  So, not EVERYTHING, but it does help and again that's from just a little bit of usage. 


Drive: (Mind Skills section): This one was so bizarre!  I just started it today and I am also doing follow through regularly (same section) as I really REALLY need help with those things.  I think follow through is good too but again it's early days and it's one I am going to need to do a lot.  I do a combination of focus ones and dipping in and out of others as I need them.  I was listening to a song and got the urge to use my little weights on my arm muscles (toning).  I haven't picked up those weights for almost a YEAR.  So maybe it's already starting to work!

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