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Surgically Remove Approach Anxiety


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One of the interesting paradoxes is whatever you prepare for doesn't happen.

But if you don't prepare, it will.

Sometimes, this is kind of silly, like if you think it's going to rain.

If you DON'T bring an umbrella, it will rain.

If you DO bring an umbrella, it won't.

This is a common idea in many martial arts movies.

The whole reason to train and learn how to fight, is so you don't need to fight.

If you walk into a bar while radiating SCARED energy, you'll become a target for those types who like to pick on people.

On the other hand, if you walk into a bar with confident energy, nobody will mess with you.

Quite a lot, if not most, of our communication is NON VERBAL.

The way we walk, how fast or slow our eyes dart around the room, our shoulders, etc.

Similarly, the more confident you are, the more attractive you'll be.

There are two ways to build confidence.

One is to simply get out there and get a ton of experience.

For example, if you approach a cute girl you've been flirting with, and you have a TON of experience talking to and seducing cute girls, those memories will all be in your subconscious.

As you are walking over there, your body language, posture, etc., will reflect all those positive memories.

That will make you VERY attractive to her.

The closer you get, the more nervous SHE'LL get.

On the other hand, if you have few experiences, that will reflect in your body language as well.

The closer you get to her, the more nervous YOU'LL get.

Since you might not have a lot of experience seducing cute girls, your brain will automatically default to the WORST CASE scenario.

She will pick up on you anxiety, and she'll become more confident.

So, if you spend lots of time approaching, you'll slowly get more confident.

But that takes a LONG TIME.

There is a much easier way.

A way to build MASSIVE confidence without every needing to approach.

It's based on understanding the STRUCTURE of thought and language.

When you approach a whole bunch of times, you are SLOWLY re-wiring your brain.

But this is a very inefficient, brute force technique.

There is a much more elegant way.

A much safer and easier way.

To re-wire your specific thoughts.

To re-wire your specific anxieties and fears.

All by some simple writing techniques.

This doesn't just work on the ladies.

This works on ANY kind of anxiety based on ANY kind of conversation with ANY kind of human.

Re-wire your fears, and never worry about rejection again.

Learn How:


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