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There's an economist named Basiat, who is known pretty well in certain economic circles.

One is most famous sayings is, "It's not what you see, it's what you don't see."

This describes how "reality" really works.

Our monkey brains evolved in a very different environment than the one we live in.

We could get by, back then, but thinking in very simple, very linear terms.

Do X, and you'll get Y.

If you get Y, you'll get Z.

For most dudes for most of history, there were only three things to think about.

Three things that drove ALL our behaviors.

Food, sex, and status.

And they were all tightly linked together.

If you were the best hunter, you got the biggest kill.

This provided the most food for everybody.

So when you and your team dragged this big kill back to camp, all the people looked at you with admiration and respect.

Not because you had on some cool bling, or you had the newest Nikes.

Because of what you DID.

More specifically, you DID something that would help others.

Not entertain them, or make them feel good about themselves.

Something tangible that would help them NOT DIE.

Whoever killed the biggest animals got the most respect from the tribe.

All the cute cave girls were wired to feel AUTOMATIC attraction to the guys getting the most respect.

This is a very GENIUS system.

A very POWERFUL system.

The best hunters got the most status.

They got that status because of what they provided TO others.

That status created the most attraction in the ladies.

So the BEST HUNTERS had the most sex with the hottest ladies.

The ladies COMPETED with each other for the top tier men.

Remember, these top tier men were top tier because of what they PROVIDED for the tribe.

The next generation was produced by the hottest girls, and the best hunters.

A PERFECT system.

Nobody had to think about ANYTHING.

Men simply were DRIVEN to kill the biggest animal they could.

Women were DRIVEN to be attracted to the highest status men.

This meant everybody got fed, the best dudes and the hottest girls got down with one another and made the best kids.

This same DRIVE exists in ALL MEN today.

In YOU today.

To KILL something (figuratively) FANTASTIC.

To get MAD RESPECT because of your actions.

Girls DREAM of a hero like this.

Guys DREAM of being this hero.

Most guys today have it BACKWARDS.

They are chasing WOMEN.

Or even worse, MONEY.

That, Dear Reader, is a BAD IDEA.

Instead, chasing the things in life you WANT TO KILL.

Things that will make YOU a hero.

Seek successes that will make the ladies COMPETE for you.

Get Started:


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