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Remove/Reduce Effects of NLP Manipulation


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I have a feeling I am going to get many of the wrong kinds of replies to this query, but I'm a bit desperate and know how to use the "delete" button.

I am reasonably certain that I have been manipulated by a (now Ex) boyfriend using NLP persuassion/seduction techniques. I am experiencing lingering effects on my personality, owing to the specific things he was attempting to do. Are there resources I could access to help recover from this assault on my psyche?

Thanks for any helpful replies.


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Unfortunately, there's no "delete button" that will reverse all previous programming.

You'll have to identify the behaviors, beliefs etc. that you would like to get rid of.

Getting rid of any thinking patterns and behaviors isn't very dependent on how those behaviors, etc. were picked up.

Start off by writing out, in detail, the specific, objective things you'd like to change.

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