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A very useful skill is to "go meta."

This is why many couples go to therapy.

The benefits aren't because some goof knows more about their relationship than they do, and can tell them what to do.

The main benefit is the therapist, so long as they're decent, will remain objective.

If we get into an argument with somebody, it's very easy to get stuck into our position.

This makes it HARDER to be objective.

This is sometimes called the pushback effect.

Because it's VERY HARD for us humans to admit we are wrong, whenever somebody challenges our position, we dig in even further.

But if you can manage to let go of your ego, and step back and get an objective view, it's much easier to settle differences.

This requires that it's more important to have a healthy relationship that to "be right."

This is difficult for any human.

It's one of those inner game issues that requires CONSTANT calibration and re-calibration.

If you go meta too much, you'll end up being a pushover, and everybody will treat you like a doormat.

If you never go meta, and ALWAYS stick to your position, you'll be seen as an aggressive blowhard.

With one person fighting another person, it's pretty difficult to maintain the right balance.

But with PEOPLE in general, it's actually VERY EASY.

It's the OPPOSITE of that old saying about betting on horses:

You can beat the race, but you can't beat the races.

Meaning you might get some inside info, or get lucky on individual race.

But in general, you'll lose money, over time, at the races.

If this WASN'T true, then all casinos, racetracks and other gambling places would go out of business.

How does this apply to interpersonal relationships?

It's hard to get an easy angle in any ONE relationship, but it's VERY EASY to gain considerable advantages over relationships, plural.

How so?

By stepping back and going meta, you can see EXACTLY what causes attraction in women.

Both short term and long term.

These are qualities about yourself that can be MEASURED.

These are qualities about yourself that can be IMPROVED.

Not just a little bit, but continuously.

This leads to a very true statement about dating that is the grammatical opposite of horse racing.

You can't get A GIRL to like you.

But you can easily get GIRLS to like you.

This leads to a very EASY strategy.

Most guys spend all their time CHASING girls.

This is a WASTE.

What's a better alternative?

Don't chase girls.


Interact with them, yes.

Be nice to them.

Make them laugh, smile and feel good.

But never, ever chase.

So long as you are continuously building your inner masculine core, AND you are INTERACTING with people, more and more girls will be attracted to you.

Which means more and more girls will start to CHASE you.

They'll see you, compared to all the other guys.

They'll see all the other girls, seeing you, compared to all the other guys.

You can sit back and let them do the work.

Of seducing you.

Learn How:


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