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Things that feel good in the short term rarely feel good in the long term.

Unless, of course, those short term positive feelings are riding on top of a long term positive trend.

For example, suppose you're training to run a 10K.

You've got a target time in mind, and your nearly there.

You've had a good run that day, and you're sitting down to eat some dinner.

You cook a healthy meal.

While you are eating it, the taste (which is secondary to the health aspects) reminds you of the path you are on.

You look back into your recent history, and feel good.

You look into your future, and feel even better.

You imagine what it will be like when you cross the finish line under your target time.

That particular meal is a REMINDER of all those good feelings.

Good feelings that are a result of YOUR behaviors.

This is likely one of the best feelings there is.

Now think of somebody who hasn't done squat.

Their ONLY concern is for the pleasure of the MOMENT.

One that doesn't reference any past nor future.

For food, this would be like eating a dozen donuts with a 2 liter bottle of soda.

While watching a brainless TV show or movie.

Feels good IN THE MOMENT.

But not so much in the long term.

This is a PERFECT metaphor for the dating market.

Guys practice plenty of in-the-moment game.

They spend tons of energy on clothing, hair styles, shoes and short term conversational styles.

It works IN THE MOMENT, but only in the moment.

Imagine a guy is wearing some decent clothing.

He's practiced a few openers, some jokes and a few conversational techniques.

This works for SHORT TERM attraction.

Very much like donuts and Pepsi work for SHORT TERM mouth pleasure.

But the next day, if he's lucky enough to wake up next to her, he's got to KEEP pushing with all his conscious might.

This takes a TON of mental energy.

Which makes it VERY unsustainable.

On the other hand, think of a much more enlightened "player."

He "in-the-moment" pleasure might SEEM to be less.

But like our 10K runner, it's riding on top of a much longer term trend.

One that is NOT dependent on luck.

What trend would this be?

Slowly building up his natural, masculine core.

One that is part of who he is, so he doesn't have to THINK about it.

If our runner trains correctly, he'll glide right to the finish line in under his target time.

He'll ENJOY the race.

Similarly, the enlightened "player" will simply have natural conversations with ladies that he DOES NOT need to think about consciously.

And EVERY conversation with EVERY LADY, or perhaps even EVERY HUMAN will be like our runners healthy dinner.

Absolutely DELICIOUS, not because of the in-the-moment taste, but because of the self generated TREND towards success it represents.

When you're doing this for health, it feels pretty good.

But when you're building a trend toward a stronger masculine core, there is nothing better.

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