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A very common desire for humans is to show up, be told what to do, and get paid.

This was possible a few decades ago.

This was possible way back in our ancient caveman background.

This trait, of being a team player and following orders, is likely a very strong instinct.

Modern studies indicate this.

But like many other instincts, they were OK before, but they can kill us today.

Hunger is an obvious one.

The rule of hunger is simple.

Find something that tastes good.

Eat as much of it as you can.

Do that, and you stay alive.

At least way back then.

Way back then what tasted good was closely calibrated to what was healthy.

Today, what tastes good is closely calibrated with mass produced death.

So, if you want to stay healthy, you have to consciously MANAGE what you eat.

Not automatic, but FAR from impossible.

Male-female relationships are another example of ancient instincts that have long gone off the rails.

Female attraction for men works very much like our ancient hunger.

Our ancient hunger says find something that tastes good, and eat as much as you can.

Ancient female attraction triggers say find a guy who is attractive, and do whatever you can to seduce him.

This is contrary to what game gurus preach.

The ancient female instincts create attraction IN HER for a certain type of man.

Once she felt that, she did everything she could to seduce him.

Of course, this is nothing like how men think about seducing women.

Men think of things like spitting game, showing off bling, dropping hints of wealth and power.

But when her ancient instincts are attracted to you, the female seduction strategy is MUCH, MUCH subtler.

She'll go out of here way to be around you.

In your line of sight.

Find ANY excuse to talk to you.

Ladies are programmed with something like a "plausible deniability" instinct.

When they DESPERATE for a guy, they'll create a SITUATION that both allows a guy to sweep her off her feet, AND have total plausible deniability if he doesn't.

Guys have NO IDEA what it's like to be a girl.

Girls have a deep instinct that says if she's blatant in her desire for a any one guy, everybody will see that.

And if it doesn't pan out, she'll be DONE.

In modern times, this plays out as having a ruined reputation.

The same instinct that keeps girls from blatantly sending out nudes to any thirsty dude who asks.

The WORST thing for a girl is to be labeled as "easy."

So, yes, she will seduce you.

But no, it won't be blatant.

She'll just CREATE a whole slew of OPPORTUNITIES for you to say hey, and get the ball rolling.

But she ONLY does this for QUALIFIED men.

Men with a strong inner MASCULINE core.

One very few men have today.

Which means if you build one, you will be in VERY HIGH DEMAND from the ladies.

Learn How:


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