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The Paradox Of Outer Game


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There's a lot of sayings from the self help space that are both really corny, but really true.

They are corny not because of the saying themselves, but because of the goofs running around saying them.

Most of these types of "truisms" are said by folks who really have no idea what they are talking about.

So they say these things without fully understanding them.

So they get applied to the wrong situations.

And they end up sounding like self delusional BS.

But once you experience these ideas, you "get them" on a much different level.

Which will give you a much different reaction when the self-help goofs say these things.

Before, you might be annoyed.

By a bunch of pretend gurus saying a bunch of crap they don't understand.

But after you experience one or two of these, you'll be amused.

Like when little kids say things that they don't really understand, but they say them with an adorable, child like seriousness.

Anyhow, enough preframing.

What's the statement I'd like to explore?

This one:

Inch by inch, life's a synch.

Yard by yard, life is hard.

When we try and do too much, too soon, we fail miserably.

Yo-yo diets, blown out knees from too much exercise, goals that are WAY too hard.

This is essentially what happens when you run before you can walk.

This is the mistake nearly every guy makes when he tries short term, superficial game.

First you learn a few openers.

Then you learn a few inter-conversational techniques.

Then you learn a few closing techniques.

Then you learn a few physical escalation techniques to try on the first or second date.

That is when things usually go sideways.


Because for most guys, BEFORE you have sex, it's pretty easy to keep things logical, objective, strategic, etc.

But once you cross the sexual threshold, ancient instincts take over.

Unless you've already got a few dozen notches on your bedpost, your ancient caveman is going to REALLY want to KEEP this lady you're luckily banging.

And once your ancient instincts take over, your logical brain doesn't stand a chance.

Paradoxically, JUST when you start to feel this way, SHE loses interest.

Because the YOU who is being driven by your rational, thinking, strategizing mind is a DIFFERENT YOU than the one driven by your ancient instincts.

So, from her perspective, once you get laid, you CHANGE your personality.

This is the EXACT reason behind the female joke:

Why are men like bathroom tiles?

Lay them once and you can walk all over them.

What's the answer?

Stop swinging for the fences!

Forget about PUA nonsense for a while.

Work on building a strong, masculine core.

Through slow, steady, inch-by-inch exercises and drills.

To build a very attractive REAL YOU.

One that won't change no matter what.

One that won't require ANY outer game.

Just show up, be yourself, and pick whatever lady you like.

Learn How:


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