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How To Be Attractive To Many Women


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It's no mystery that the dating market these days is an absolute dumpster fire.

On the back of a train that is about to crash off a cliff.

Being driven by drunken clowns who are also probably a little off to begin with.

What's a guy to do?

The main thing that makes modern dating so confusing, and extremely frustrating (and depressing) for modern men is online dating.

Online dating is heavily tilted in women's favor.

But not for reasons most people believe.

And only on the surface.

Firstly, we need to truly understand how male-female attraction works.

Most people have an idea that men are more visual, which is why men are more drawn to looks.

This is only half right.

Men are drawn to looks, but NOT because men are visual.

Men are drawn to looks is because from an evolutionary perspective, the best mates, from a caveman's perspective is based on how a woman looks.

Not how she behaves or speaks or moves.

But on how she looks.


Men only need to know that women are young and healthy.

The job of women, according to evolution and mother nature, is to make more people.

The younger a women is (yet beyond puberty) and the healthier she is, the more babies she can have.

So, according to natural selection, men who happened to be attracted to young, healthy women had many more babies than men who were attracted to a different kind of women.

This attraction is created through signs of youth, and signs of health.

These are the SAME things that would describe a gorgeous woman.

That's why women really only need to show their picture to create plenty of attraction in plenty of men.

What about men?

What kinds of things, in men, create attraction in woman?

It's NOT looks.

Women's job (according to evolution) is to make more people.

What is man's job?

To provide for those people.

So, women evolved a natural attraction for men who demonstrate the traits associated with being a strong provider.

Not a strong provider today, but a strong provider back when we were hunter-gatherers.

This is VERY MUCH dependent on men's behavior.

Confidence, social skills, leadership skills, speaking skills, persuasion skills.

All the things that would make an ancient man a natural leader.

Somebody who would demonstrate the ability to acquire resources.

But many men today believe that women like men based on looks, just like men like women based on looks.

This means VERY FEW men are even working on things like inner game.

Most men are worried about looks, and very superficial things like short term game.

So when you decide to work on your inner game, you will not only be very attractive to a LARGE number of women, giving you plenty of choice, but you'll leave all those pretty boys trying and failing in online dating in the dust.

Even better, is working on inner game can be done anywhere, any time.

No cold approaches or even conversations with ladies needed.

Just keep building, and they will come to you.

Learn How:


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