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I stumbled across your book, Verbal Assassin, while browsing books through my free kindle unlimited account that I received when I bought a new kindle.  I was blown away.  I’ve read a lot of NLP books by authors, Bandler, Dilts, and other NLP originators.  These books introduced me to the Meta Model, SOM,  Milton Model, and more.  But all I got were the techniques, not practical instruction on how to use them in my day-to-day life.  

Verbal Assassin, gave me the first practical application of these tools, so I explored your other books, Covert Hypnosis, Pre-Framing, and others.  From those books, I learned more of how NLP tools work.  Now, I look at communication differently.  I no longer view communication as an interaction to exchange information, but an interaction of individual frames, and this makes a big difference in my life.

Thank you for your writings.



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