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Long time ago, I watched this amateur cage fight.

They weren't exactly in a cage.

It was a regular boxing ring, but it was in the ground floor of this huge shopping complex.

The dudes started off pretty good, but they both got really tired really quickly.

After no more than a minute, both guys were exhausted.

They would try to throw a punch or two, and then hang on to each other in a tight clench.

The kind of thing when boxers or fighters are barely able to keep standing.

The kind of thing you see in the last round of a prize fight.

These two out of shape dudes were like that after less than a minute.

No matter how many punches or blocks you know, once you start breathing hard, they'll be pretty useless.

You can say the same thing for interpersonal skills.

Just like fighting has skills and stamina, interpersonal skills have skills and confidence.

You can memorize the best lines, the most compelling closes, and most seductive stories and patterns.

But if you are too nervous, they won't work.

Fighters that are too tired to throw a punch may as well not know any punches.

If you are too nervous to spit game, then it doesn't matter HOW much you know or are capable of.

Imagine two fighters, one has TONS of skills, but is out of breath after less than minute.

Other guy has very basic skills, but MASSIVE conditioning.

All the well conditioned fighter has to do is wait until the other guy is tired out.

Similarly, imagine two guys going after one girl.

One guy has MAD game, but he's to terrified to use it.

The other guy has very little game, but massive confidence.

The girl only knows that one guy will approach her, and say hey.

Other other guy won't.

Which guy will she go home with?

IF you had to choose, confidence and some VERY BASIC communication skills will WIN every single time.

Kind of like what Mark Twain said about reading.

The difference between people who CAN'T read and the people who DON'T read is NOTHING.

Most guys practice game, and techniques to AVOID just walking up and saying "hey."

But for most girls, regular social skilled backed by STRONG confidence is plenty sexy enough.

Luckily, you can build confidence WITHOUT approaching any ladies.

Which means when your confidence IS strong enough, it will happen automatically.

Learn How:


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