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When it comes to sales, there are two extremes.

On one side, you spend tons of time with each potential client.

Build rapport, elicit criteria, leverage criteria, close, overcome objections, close, etc.

On the other side you spend the absolute minimum time possible.

You give a pitch in less than twenty seconds, and check for interest.

If there is ANY interest whatsoever, you covertly put the burden on the customer to qualify themselves.

Most beginning salespeople are terrified of this.

If you don't have a lot of prospects, this is also very difficult.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides.

But if you find that sweet spot, you can do very, very well.

How, specifically, do you find that sweet spot?

First, you refine your initial pitch.

To make it as compelling as you possibly can.

To create as much initial interest as you can.

With the right words, and the right hypnotic patterns, you can create interest in pretty much any qualified candidate.

Once you create this interest, you begin reeling them in.


By IMPLYING scarcity.

Most people understand scarcity.

But applying it is much more subtle.

If you blatantly say anything that indicates scarcity, it usually won't work.

But if you can IMPLY scarcity, so your target can DISCOVER the scarcity, it will work a million times better.

One way to imply scarcity is the "my way or the highway" model.

You don't blatantly say that.

But you imply that.

Once you've got the initial hook set.

You imply something like:

"This is what I've got to offer.

If you're interested, I'll keep talking.

But since I don't want to waste your time, any hint from you that this isn't 100% for you, as it is presented, and I'll go find somebody else.

After all, plenty of people want this.

If not you, somebody else."

A funny thing happens when you try the persuade-everybody-with-a-pulse model.

Many people have ZERO intention of buying whatever you are selling.

But they LIKE being pitched to.

They keep asking questions AS IF they are "just about" to buy.

But they really have no intention of buying.

But if you always make them qualify themselves, you'll not only not waste time on those folks, but you'll INCREASE buying temperature.

If you IMPLY (not state overtly) that you've got plenty of other people to talk to, AND you make it clear that ANY uncertainty on their part will get you to LEAVE, it imply a ton of scarcity.

And the most powerful buying force of all time.

FOMO, or fear of missing out.

Create this conversationally, and people will be begging you to stay.

Learn How:


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