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Science is pretty cool, but also pretty wacky.

Not really, since our brains can't really handle much.

At least not intuitively.

We can only make sense of very simple interactions.

We see A happen, and we can sort of predict that B might happen.

Even Bastiat, and old school economist from a couple centuries ago noted this.

He said it's not what you see that's important, it's what you don't see.

He wasn't talking about ghosts or spirits.

He was talking about the more complex outcomes of the things we see.

We'll see A happen, and figure that would probably cause B.

But what we DON'T see is that B might cause C, and C might lead to D and E, but only under certain conditions.

In the realm of economics, this is what explains the "law of unintended consequences."

This is because in the world of economics, pretty much EVERYTHING is connected.

You change something way over here, and the effects will work it's way through the system.

Eventually, sometimes a few years later, it will create outcomes that nobody could have predicted.

If you are LOCKED into simple, "A causes B" thinking, you will be very limited.

For example, somebody gives you some advice.

You imagine doing that advice, and you can't imagine how that advice will lead DIRECTLY to a positive outcome.

So you think the advice is wrong, or misguided.

This is a trick.

To not only protect your ego, but to keep you safely on the sidelines.

You get to PRETEND that you are being smart, but not taking risks.

But in reality, if anything was that easy, everybody would be doing it.

Everybody could hear advice to do A, for example.

And everybody would imagine how A would lead directly to B, that positive outcome.

And EVERYBODY would do A to get B.

And then EVERYBODY would have B.

This the trouble with ONLY taking action when you have a sure thing.

Since it's a sure thing, EVERYBODY can do it.

So if you want to get MORE than you have right NOW, you've got to DO THINGS that others are too scared to try.

Nobody ever got rich without taking risks.

Nobody get got the hot guy or girl without taking risks.

Nobody ever got mad skills without experiencing the opportunity costs.

Luckily, you don't need to take HUGE risks.

You don't need to expose yourself to HUGE opportunity costs.

Just a little bit at a time.

While everybody is safely staring at social media, or TV, or whatever their comfort zone allows, you can be building skills.

Skills that will get you whatever you want.

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