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Storytelling and hypnosis are very closely related.

Therapeutic hypnosis and movies are essentially the same structure.

You sit there and let another "entity" do your thinking for you.

When you are in the therapist's office, he or she is talking, you've got your eyes closed, and your following along with their words.

So long as their words are guiding you toward better and more resourceful emotions, you're pretty good.

Similarly, when w watch a movie or even a TV show, we are letting the story do our thinking for us.

Most of the time, this is just to relax our brain.

But when a movie or show grabs our attention, it can move us through some very POWERFUL emotions.

This is essentially what the Greeks discovered, and called Catharsis, way back in the day.

A way to specifically move people through a series of specific feelings and emotions.

In a way that would give them the feelings, but not of the risk.

They could experience, pain, love, loss, grief, success, agony, etc., ALL without upsetting their real lives.

The Hero's Journey story is essentially a well calibrated, motivational story.

To give the hero enough confidence and get out there and kill the bad guys, and get the rewards.

Fame, sex, admiration and respect.

Most people spit words without much thought.

We have half baked ideas and spit them out with randomly chosen words and phrases.

But language is, or can be, EXTREMELY powerful.

You can move people's emotions with your words.

And once you realize this, you can move them ANYWHERE you want.

To inspire, to motivate, to persuade, to seduce.

And if you toss in a few well placed ambiguities, something very, very cool will happen.

If you tell a story about dragons and knights, it can be pretty entertaining.

But they'll remember it being about dragons and knights.

But if you carefully calibrate WHERE you put in the specific vagueness, they will remember the story with THEM as the hero.

Which means they'll take OWNERSHIP of the ideas in the story.

This means with simple words, you can lead ANYBODY to make any decision you want.

All while believing it was their idea.

Not yours.

They'll fall in love with you, if you want.

They'll give you money, if you want.

They'll wish they'd never met you, if you want.

And anything else you can dream up.

This hypnotic storytelling skill can be used anywhere words can be spoken.

Clubs, bookstores, shopping malls, telephone calls, or anywhere else you can dream of.

Learn How:


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