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Overlapping Bias Seduction Pattern


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We humans have a ton of biases.

Normally, we think these are bad.

But only if they keep us from getting something.

For example, if you tried to make some money in the stock market, you'd have put your biases on hold.

This is very, very difficult.

This is why very few people can invest successfully for a long time.

Even deeper, most successful investors today rely heavily on these AI type "high frequency trading machines."

For us humans, it's very, very difficult.

Our emotions are ALWAYS with us.

So whenever we try and do something, and our biases mess us up, we think they are an example of how broken or messed up we are.

But that is a very dangerous mistake.

As soon as you say something like "broken," this assumes there is a "non-broken" state.

And if we can somehow return to that "non-broken" state, we'll be fine.

But what if we just are the way we are?

One idea is that we have all our emotions and biases and thinking algorithms based on the way life USED to be way back in the day.

So it's not that we are "broken," rather we're out of calibration.

This must means we need to figure out how to "manage" our unconscious biases.

This is essentially what Jung meant when he said:

"Unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life and you will call it fate."

He understood that we have a bunch of programs running deep in our unconscious.

If we don't understand them, we'll keep trying things, messing up and blaming fate, or the gods, or our "broken-ness," or some other excuse.

Lucky for us, our biases are easy to spot in others.

This is exactly how advertisers keep getting us to buy things over and over.

At the same time, we LIKE buying things.

Buying things feels good.

In many ways, we have a lot of overlapping biases.

For example, let's say you're out shopping.

The salesperson is trying to sell you something.

You're not sure.

But they keep at it, and eventually you buy this thing.

But as soon as you make the decision, it feels good.

Like we have a bunch of biases that take over when we make a decision.

This makes sense.

If we bought something, felt cheated, and were angry by the time we got home, that would be pretty bad.

It would damage our ego, and we wouldn't get ANY use out of the thing we just bought.

On the other hand, once our "post purchase bias" kicks in, it's the exact opposite.

We feel good about the purchase.

Our ego is intact.

And we get a LOT of use out of this.

The good news is that you can learn to SPEAK in this "overlapping bias" language.

To get pretty much anybody to do pretty much anything, and FEEL GOOD after the decision.

Learn More:


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