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One of the biggest issues people have with language technology is the idea of cheating.

Not that using language is cheating.

But it kind of feels like cheating.

Let me explain.

Suppose you're a kid, and you've literally got your hand in the cookie jar.

And your mom walks into the kitchen.

She says:

"Hey! I thought I told you! No cookies before dinner!"

There you are, hand literally IN the cookie jar, trying to come up with an excuse that will explain why you're not doing anything wrong.

"But, I thought..." is all you can come up with.

"Nothing until dinner!" Your mom replies, taking the cookie jar and putting it up out of reach.

When we use language technology, it FEELS the same way.

But not because you're doing anything wrong.

Whenever you use covert hypnosis, it is going to feel a little strange.

If you went to a foreign country and started using your beginner level of that foreign language, it would also feel strange.

Only because you are using language consciously.

Which is strange, since language is mostly an unconscious thing.

Now, if you were in McDonalds, trying your best to order a Big Mac with the foreign language, would anybody accuse you of cheating?

Of trying to get one over on anybody?

Not in the least.

In that context, of trying to order a Big Mac, everybody would know what you were doing.

But when using any patterns from covert hypnosis, they wouldn't.

The whole point of covert hypnosis is to NOT let them know what you're up to.

But isn't this cheating?

Well, if you assume people are super easy to brainwash, and can easily convinced to do something against their interests, maybe.

Most people have a LOT of subconscious, "failsafe's" built in.

You can't hypnotize anybody to rob a bank.

Or kill somebody or jump off a cliff.

But to make double sure, so long as you have a positive intention, based on THEIR subjective value system, it's impossible to do harm.

But why does it STILL feel like you are doing something wrong?

Because when you are using covert hypnosis, it won't feel completely natural.

Which means YOU will be acting a little differently.

And they will notice that.

They'll essentially notice you noticing you.

But they probably won't even notice you are noticing.

They might even feel weird themselves, and not know why.

So long as you focus on the positive outcome, they'll be happy when you get there.

And since there are essentially unlimited techniques and unlimited levels of skill, you can ALWAYS get better.

So Start Practicing:


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