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Do the videos work better if you can consciously understand what's being said?

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I'm experimenting with merging a few videos through audacity today and I'm wondering if anyone who's done it can give me some feedback please? 


My question is do you think if you can consciously understand what is being said provides better results than if it's all just background noise that you can't make out. Even if your subconscious understands?


Also, do you merge unlimited number of videos or is there like a cut off before it starts being ineffective?


Thank you,

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I've experimented with the videos in that way, and I don't like it too much. I rather mix no more than 2 together so I can still make out what's being said. It helps with the imagination and staying focused on the topic at hand for me. BUT, I read a blog post by George and have done other research regarding the subconscious mind and it all said that it's capable of understanding MORE subconsciously than we are able to understand consciously. So, I see it as a personal preference. I would say mix the ones you want together and just see how you like it.  

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I'll post back next week to see if I've noticed anything. The one thing I will say is that I do find it more distracting and it makes me a tad irritable because I actually can't make out any of the sentences and it just sounds like a bunch of cackling.


I did notice that just before I fell asleep all of a sudden, I was able to make out some of the sentences. Weird, maybe because I was so relaxed and ready to pass out my subconscious just took over. Not sure, but haven't noticed any significant inner changes as yet.

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