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Leverage The Rock Star Instinct


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A shortcut way to understand human nature is to look at our instincts.
It's very easy to get lost in the metaphors of human thinking.

But Cialdini found that most of the reasons we do things are simple and outside of our conscious awareness.

And those reasons are few.

Social proof, authority, commitment and consistency, and sex.

We all like to think we are complex angels with a lot of esoteric reasons behind our thinking.

Complex and rational reasons that we sort of understand ourselves, but are hard to articulate.

But consider that most of the reasons we do most of the things are based on very simple instincts.

Way back in the day, we lived in small tribes.

The men were responsible for hunting, and getting most of the food.

The men were responsible for fighting bad guys and monsters.

The women raised the kids, and more or less maintained the tribal cohesion.

The money question is HOW, specifically, did everybody know what to do?

We've behaved the SAME way for a long, long time.

Long before we invented language.

So we MUST have deep instincts driving these behaviors.

They've found interesting things when they study modern humans who live like ancient hunters.

Ever day the men go out hunting.

When they do, they have two choices.

Small, easy to kill animals.

Large, hard to kill animals.

Pure logic would dictate they kill the small animals.

They'd get more meat per day.

They'd spend less time per day.

They'd be much less likely to get killed.

But they don't.


Why don't they hunt for the small, easy to kill animals, that would be enough to feed their family for a couple days?

Because they don't go hunting for meat.

They got hunting for fame.

For social validation.

For tribal respect.

And tons of sex.

Killing those big animals is a MEANS to an end.

Everybody wants to be a rock star.

But our instincts were calibrated when the ONLY way to be a rock star was to kill the BIGGEST animal you could.

This rock star instinct kept everybody fed.

And it got the pre-historical rock stars laid like crazy.

Often in secret.

This is the part of human nature we don't want to acknowledge.

Before we even learned how to speak, we were driven by these ancient emotions.

To get out there, kill something MASSIVE, and get the rock star treatment.

Mad respect.

Mad sex.

Leverage these ancient instincts, and make a fortune.

Learn How:


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