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The halo effect is a real effect.

One that everybody tries very hard to pretend is not a real effect.

Plenty of studies indicate that our physical appearance plays a much bigger role than we'd like to believe.

Taller, more attractive men get more VC money, compared to everybody else.

(VC = venture capitalist)

Attractive job applicants get hired more so than normal ones, even when they are coached to give silly answers to interviewer questions.

You'd think that VC's and hiring people would be more interested in raw talent, but remember who we are.

We aren't Vulcans, we aren't robots, we aren't angels.

We are basically monkeys that learned how to talk.

So, yes, the halo effect is real.

But pretty people don't want to believe it's real.

Because pretty people like to believe it's not ONLY their looks that are driving their success.

And the rest of us ugly looking goofs don't like to believe in the halo effect, because that means we're screwed.


No so fast!

There's an idea called "fool's mate."

It's kind of like beginners luck, but a bit more complicated.

If you step up to the craps table in Vegas, and win a bunch of money in a short time, this is beginner's luck.

Nobody would believe they won at craps because of some mad dice throwing skill.

But fool's mate is about beginners luck, but with chess.

To win in chess, you need to make at least a few moves.

It's hard to believe you can beat a better opponent simply by luck.

But from a pure probability standpoint, it happens.

From the sheer number of games, you'll find a few where some goof gets lucky six or seven moves in a row.

And this lucky goof ends up winning.

But whenever people talk about "fool's mate," the focus is usually NOT on the lucky win.

It's on the aftermath.

People who win money in craps KNOW they are lucky.

People who win at fool's mate actually BELIEVE they are skilled.

This is VERY dangerous.

If you believe your skills are higher than they really are, it's just a matter of time until you get smacked in the face.

It's VERY EASY for super pretty people to believe that they are where they are because of skill, or insight, or raw talent.

Especially in today's train wreck economy, with billions of dollars being added to our monetary system every day.

Inevitably plenty of that cash is going to flow to the pretty people.

But here's the thing.

How you look, whatever your genetic starting point, that is JUST a starting point.

All you need to do is get started building some skills.

And it won't be long before you leave EVERYBODY in the dust.

Especially all those pretty people who will never admit that being pretty is pretty much ALL they've got.

What particular skills should you practice?

The two more important skills us talking monkeys can develop.

Thinking skills, and speaking skills.

Get Started:


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