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Once I went to large, big box electronic store to pick something up.

They had this long, snaking line, where you'd get to the front and have to look down the long row of cashiers.

When one was available, they'd hold up a sign with a number, letting the next person in line know.

While you were waiting, there was lots of last minute things.

Kind of like the stuff you see on the counter of gas station convenience stores and supermarket checkout lines.

But since this was a LONG snaking line, there was a TON of stuff.

The kind of stuff you buy because it looks cool, AND you are in the mindset of paying for stuff anyway.

Leveraging the Cialdini law of commitment and consistency.

Kind of an, "in for a penny, in for a pound" kind of thing.

Which means I bought a bunch of stuff that looked cool in the moment.

But then I'd get home and end up not ever using it again.

Except for this one thing.

It was this wrist and forearm exercise ball.

A small ball inside of a larger sphere.

Once the inner ball was spinning, it created a LOT of torque.

And a lot of momentum.

Which means once you got it spinning, you only needed to rotate it a little bit to KEEP it spinning.

The exercise part came from needing to keep it stable while it was spinning.

Which gave your forearm a huge workout.

But it took a LOT of work to get it spinning.

Once spinning, it was fairly self-sustaining.

Plenty of things are like this.

Things that can take effort to get going, but once going they are seemingly self sustaining.

Of course, people have been searching for magic machines of perpetual motion since the dawn of time.

But the laws of thermodynamics says that's impossible.

Like with that exercise ball, it does seem to be self sustaining.

But at the same, none of my friends or I could keep it going for more than a minute.

The muscles of your forearms have to absorb a TON of energy to maintain it's stability.

But sometimes things can SEEM like magic perpetual motion machines.

Because the "energy" required to keep any system going is out of our conscious awareness.

Anything to the level of unconscious competence is, by definition, outside of our conscious awareness.

One thing people have trouble with, when meeting new people, is how to keep the conversation going.

This is difficult when you are using your conscious mind to think of things to say.

But when you've trained some linguistic skills to the point of unconscious competence, your conscious brain won't need to work at all.

You can just kick back and enjoy the conversation.

Conversations with anybody you like.

For any reasons you like.

What exercises can you do that will train these linguistic skills to the point of unconscious competence?

Find Out:


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